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My Frog is 18 Months Old!

lana 18 months old

Today my little frog is 1,5 year old! Somehow going from a year to a year and a half has gone a lot slower than what Lana’s first year went. Maybe because there hasn’t been huge sudden steps in terms of development, such as crawling, walking, weaning and the first words were. But I don’t mind it going slowly as I don’t really want my little girl to grow up too fast! (Although I impatiently wish she’d start talking more already!)

The Festival Madness Has Begun!


The annual Edinburgh Festival officially starts today, which means the population of Edinburgh doubles (or triples, not sure) and the streets are taken over by the most varied performers and an army of flyerers. It’s the biggest arts festival in the world with over 50 000 shows!! Just thinking about flicking through the programme makes me stressed so I’m just going to go with recommendations…

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