10 Month Update

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My wee frog is 10 months today, and to celebrate it she decided to sleep a whole 7 hours straight last night without waking up! She only woke up 2 times altogether – which is less than she’s done in a looong time. Please please please let this be the beginning of a new era!!leaninginDuring the past month a lot has happened: Lana took her first steps, said her first words and has started to understand a few sentences and words (apart from “no” of course). She’s still full of smiles from the moment she wakes up. She usually wakes up before me and then wakes me up by coming really close to my face and pressing her face against mine – like she’s trying to give me a kiss. And I’m sure you can imagine that there’s no better way in the world to wake up!

The reason she can do this is because she’s started sleeping part of the night in our bed ever since she was ill a few weeks ago, and I just like it so much that I’ve kept taking her into our bed usually after 2am. I’m sure she would actually happily go back in her own bed after that at the moment, so I should definitely stop co-sleeping before Matthew arrives at least…babyandacat

As I mentioned, Lana took her first steps around 10 days before she turned 10 months – so proud! She still prefers to crawl though as it gets her places so much quicker. Lana’s been constantly jabbering for months now, and her first word was “mamma” – although I’m still not entirely sure if she fully understands that it’s me…She calls Matthew “mamma” too…When we came to Finland last week and she got to know MusMus the family cat she started saying “kissa” – Finnish for cat. She says that all the time now, especially when she’s following the poor cat around the house haha. I’m also pretty sure she says “hey hey” when she waves…drooling

What’s really exciting is how she can now understand some of what I’m saying, e.g. “klappa händerna” (clap your hands), “borsta håret” (brush your hair), “borsta mammas hår” (brush mummy’s hair), “kom hit” (come here), “var är kissan?” (where’s the cat?) “var är pappa?” (where’s daddy?) and so on. It’s so amazing to see how she figures these things out in her tiny head!

One of the cutest things ever is how she tries to copy my movements when I sing “itsy bitsy spider” to her – she’s just always a bit ahead of me 🙂 She’s clearly starting to enjoy nursery rhymes and songs more, and she can watch clips on Youtube for up to 30 minutes! That means that I finally have something effective to entertain her with on car rides and flights, yay!hereshecomes

Lana’s now completely refusing to be spoon-fed and won’t even let me feed her directly from a baby food pouch. She just grabs the spoon and wants to feed herself, so I’m sure she’d eat if she could hold the spoon herself. Matthew lets her do that, but so far it has just ended up in a huge mess and very little goes in her mouth…Wonder when babies can start using a spoon themselves? Anyone?

Even though I still breastfeed Lana several times per day and night she does eat more now with her fingers now, but she’s quite selective with what she eats. At the moment her favourites are bread, pasta, Finnish cottage cheese, orange, blueberries, grapes and banana. If she’s in the mood she’ll eat broccoli, sweet potato, carrot and other roasted or steamed veggies too. She’s had fish several times, and slowly starting to accept it more. She won’t put anything mushy in her mouth though, she’ll just play with it. Avocado is something I really want her to start eating, but I think the reason she’s not too keen is because it’s so slippy and she can’t get a good grip!bittooclose

Lana still only has two bottom teeth, but I can see the two top teeth through the skin. Won’t be much longer! I’m hoping she’ll start eating more when she gets more teeth…We’ve given her baby paracetamol a few times at night when she’s had teething pain, but she doesn’t seem to bothered about it generally. Maybe last night was just the calm before the storm though…:/

There’s no sign of separation anxiety yet, thank god. Lana’s one-year-old cousin has only now started getting separation anxiety, so I’m aware of that she’ll probably get there too sooner or later as well. It’s nice to be able to travel with her and take her to Finland and new surroundings without it making her distressed. She accepted my parents very quickly and generally just needs a couple of minutes before she’s ready to get acquainted with people. Guys without beards seem to be something she doesn’t understand and can sometimes make her a bit suspicious.lookingout

Lana is generally a joy to be around, very entertaining and funny (not sure how objective this statement is though coming from her own mother haha!) She seeks attention and shows off all her skills (clapping hands, waving, making a kissing sound) when she’s got someones attention. She charmed several fellow passengers on our flight a few days ago 🙂

That’s our little girl in a nutshell if you actually managed to read up to this point haha. It’ll be nice to be able to go back to this post in the future when I’ve probably forgotten many details about Lana’s 1st year!

x Nina x