10 Things I Don’t Want to Eat or Drink

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Recently I’ve seen several bloggers do blogs about what they don’t like to eat – and as I’m always curious about what other people eat and don’t eat I thought it would be fun to do the same. Especially since there are quite a few foods I can’t stand and it won’t be difficult to put together a list…(I wish I wouldn’t have any food aversions but unfortunately I do.) Here are 10 things I try to avoid as much as I can!

1. Coriander

Most people who know me will know how deeply I hate this herb from hell that is apparently taking over the world. It all started in 2007-08 when I was travelling in Asia for 6 months and as a backpacker often ate cheap noodle soup from street kitchens to save money. On and in this soup they often put coriander – a herb I wasn’t too familiar with before (it hadn’t yet taken over Finland at that point). Being exposed to it over and over again made me develop a deep dislike for coriander I still haven’t managed to shake.

2. Thai basil

This is actually a herb I dislike EVEN MORE than coriander. Luckily it’s quite rare here and I don’t have to fear someone sprinkling it over every food I order. I will never forget how one night in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh my dinner came out covered in this mysterious herb – and it was so horrible I couldn’t eat my food and still couldn’t if thai basil was in it. Yuk yuk yuk.

3. Mushrooms

Yeah yeah I know that as a vegetarian/pescatarian I should be eating mushrooms – at least that’s what I’ve been told all my damn life (and still am by Matthew). But I doubt I will ever be a friend of mushrooms even if I have tried eating them on so many occasions. There’s just nothing nice about them: the texture is horrible, they smell and look disgusting and they taste bad.

4. Smoked food

No idea how or when I’ve developed my dislike for the smoked flavour but it’s definitely there and won’t go away. I guess it’s an earthy flavour – and I don’t like earthy flavours such as mushrooms and truffels either. I remember being on an island in Fiji where it was tradition to prepare food in an “earth oven”, which led to everything having a smoky taste. As there were no shops on the tiny island I pretty much had to survive on coconuts.

5. Mussels

Although I’ve started eating fish again after a break of a decade or so there is still plenty of fish I’d rather not eat. Mussels is one of these things and something that unfortunately is on many a menu. Come on though, you have to admit that they look pretty unappetising?! Oysters are the same – although I have to proudly say that I’ve tried oysters twice. Both times I was a bit tipsy though.

6. Pickled herring

A Nordic delicacy I’ve never brought myself to try and don’t see myself trying anytime soon is pickled herring. The smell is just so strong and puts me off immediately. Not to mention the look of it – it looks like a thick, chewy piece of flesh that would take ages to get down.

7. British cottage cheese

I love Finnish cottage cheese and would happily eat that with pretty much any meal, but the kind you get here is just disgusting. Sorry Brits! It’s sour and thick and so different from what I’m used to that I’ve never learnt to like it. Such a shame.

8. Light sponge

I have a sweet tooth and pretty much like anything sweet, but to balance this list out I wanted to include something sweet I don’t like. And it’s not easy to think of something! In the past I didn’t like orange-flavoured or coffee flavoured chocolate, but I’ve learnt to like that now too. However, something sweet I still don’t like is a very airy sponge – and it gets even worse if you put whipped cream on it. When I was volunteering in Bolivia they bought a light sponge cake for every occasion, up until the point when I just couldn’t stomach it anymore.

9. Spirits

I’ve never liked the flavour of spirits, not in drinks nor desserts. Particularly whisky and vodka make me want to gag. It’s just not my thing! However, a drink with e.g. vodka in it where you can’t taste it is fine haha.

10. Tea

In this tea-mad country I’m constantly saying no thank you to a cuppa. I’m not a fan of hot drinks to start with, but can very occasionally drink a cup of herbal tea if it’s cold outside. What I don’t like is the regular black tea. It’s not even the flavour but the fact that it makes me feel sick, especially if I have it on an empty stomach. I think it’s the tannins that cause it – and even though I would probably be fine having it on a full stomach I’ve just been put off for having felt sick so many times.

Reading through my list I realised many of my dislikes have emerged on my travels haha. So guess the lesson to be learnt from this blog is that you shouldn’t go travelling! ;P

What’s your number one food you can’t stand?

x Nina x