10 Things that Have Made Me Smile Recently

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I wrote a post about feeling grateful a while back, and  thought it was time to write down a few things that have made me happy again. To be fair, there are way more than only ten things that have made me smile in the past week or so, but here is a selection of things that come to mind!

The Ally Bally Bee Kickstarter campaign is going really, really well. The target of £3000 was smashed in only 3 days, and with three weeks to go still we’re now at £4700! A huge massive enormous THANK YOU to everybody who has shared, liked and donated – the more funding we get the bigger and better the website and book will be.

Yesterday the mailman dropped a little parcel through our letterbox, and inside was the loveliest dress for Lana by Finnish Nosh. It’s a birthday present from cousin Max and his parents. Max had kindly also sent a wee drawing he had made <3 Miss my little nephew!

The other week my Instagram photo above was shared by Visit Scotland with a modest 297K followers. And this was a photo I quickly took when out for a run!

Circus Lane Edinburgh

Before that Love Great Britain (the official tourism board) shared a photo I snapped of the charming Circus Lane. They only have 295K followers. Instagram is by far my favourite social media platform, and something that spurs me on to try and produce pretty photos – so it makes me really happy when big official accounts like these share a photo I’VE taken! #proud

A bunch of my friends from Finland have booked their flights to Edinburgh in May, and I’ve booked one of our Dickins apartments for us to stay in – canny wait!

When skyping with my parents on Sunday they told me that they’re thinking about visiting this spring, perhaps with two of my five brothers. It will be a much needed visit as it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to go to Finland before summer (and my xylitol chewing gum stash is almost finished).

We’ve had some wonderful sunny days here last week, and it’s been so nice to be reminded of what the sun feels like on my face. The sun does, however, accentuate how damn pale I am after the winter. A tan needed asap!

Lana peed a few drops in the potty yesterday morning and a bit more this morning. I obviously took a photo and sent it to Matthew straight away, but I’m not going to share it here, don’t worry. She seems to like sitting on the potty but doesn’t seem to know how to actually pee in it – so these few drops give me a lot of hope. I gave Lana so much praise and she looked so proud of herself and kept investigating her pee pee for ages afterwards. My girl <3 (Btw this dolls house that my parents got Lana for her birthday has proved to be the ultimate present. She plays with it every day and no other toy has managed to grab her attention the way this house has!)

My work is great. On my next working day on Thursday me and my boss are going to do some blog research and have lunch at the Royal Yacht Britannia, and in the evening my friend Olli and I are going to the spring launch event at Godiva Boutique in the Grassmarket. Bubbles, sweets and vintage sounds like a great combo 🙂

Costorphine hill Edinburgh

On Sunday we made a family excursion to Costorphine Hill. It was a beautiful yet muddy walk uphill, downhill, uphill and so on. At one point we had to ditch the buggy to be able to keep going on the uneven terrain. Lana was a trooper and walked on her own for nearly two hours until we gave her a lollipop and she agreed to be carried so we could get out of there a bit quicker. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the peak – we didn’t want to risk it with Lana as we didn’t know how much further it was. Will just have to go back another time! When we were slowly making our way up the hill a guy who must’ve been in his seventies or eighties ran past us. He probably does it every day. I decided there and then that that is my goal for that age too. Respect!

What has made you smile recently?

x Nina x