11 Fabulous Flea Market Finds

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I’ve been bitten by the flea market bug – or should I say the flea market fleas?! Whereas in the UK you have car boot sales or often quite small charity shops, here in Finland we have big self service flea markets where you can pay for a booth and sell stuff you don’t want/need anymore. Going through one big space is definitely a more efficient way of finding those treasures than going to one charity shop after the other – especially if they’re not near one another.

We went to a couple of flea markets here in Porvoo (Löytökirppis and Kevätkirppis), a couple in Helsinki (Punavuoren Patina and Fida Roba) and then to one in a neighbouring town (Loviisan Suurkirppis) – and because I came across such good finds I now feel eager to explore more and chase that next find. It really is addictive! Not to mention a more sustainable choice. As we threw or gave away lots of Lana’s toys my mission now is to get her and Maya some new used ones.

Anyway, I thought I’d show you what I picked up and perhaps inspire you guys to shop more second hand too 🙂

This dress is so me that I instantly picked it out at Loviisan Suurkirppis – my favourite flea market so far. The fabric is sturdy and of good quality and it doesn’t have a tag, so I have no idea where it comes from or if it might even be handmade. I think it was 6 euros.

Matthew picked up this cool sweater by Danish Molo for Lana – a lama for Lana haha. I checked Molo’s website and was amazed that these sweatshirts cost between 55 and 75 euros! I paid a few euros.

This cute little skirt by Finnish Nosh Organics was brand new and only cost 8 euros. It would’ve probably cost around 30 euros.

You can imagine the excitement when Lana laid her eyes on this little ballerina outfit…There was no way we could leave without buying it. I think it was 3 euros.

This is just a summer dress by H&M, but as it looked like it was barely used, only cost 2 euros and Lana needed a summer dress she can get dirty it came home with us.

Another item that looked new is this raincoat by Lindex that I got for Lana. She doesn’t have a raincoat, so when I saw it was only 3 euros it was a no-brainer!

Matthew has a thing for jackets, so I wasn’t surprised when he picked out this black bomber jacket. It’s by Luhta, an iconic Finnish brand that specialises in outerwear. It cost around 10 euros.

This terrible photo doesn’t do this dress justice, but this is a short, black linen dress by NafNaf that is so versatile. Can’t remember exactly what I paid but it was definitely less than 10 euros.

I also got this great Fisher Price stacking toy for Maya that cost 2,50 euros.

Lana found this hairpiece she fell in love with…It cost 1 or 2 euros.

And last but not least, how cool is this necklace/collar piece?! Not sure how I’m going to style it yet but I knew that I had to have it straight away when I saw it. It cost 4 euros.

There is actually a third dress that I bought for myself, but I think it deserves a post of its own. Stay tuned!

What do you think? Do you like shopping second hand?

x Nina x