12 Hours In Oslo

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Frogner Park Oslo

We were pretty annoyed when we realised that we’d have to spend 12 hours in Oslo, Norway when flying home from Finland. I don’t understand why there are no straight flights between Finland and Scotland as at least Edinburgh seems to be a popular destination for Finns to travel to. (This assumption is based on the fact that I hear Finnish almost every time I’m in the city centre.) One or two flights per week would be a great improvement. Finnair, please?

Anyway, it turned out to be a great day (even though we had to get up at 4.50 am). We arrived at 8 am to a sunny and warm Oslo. Matthew got a huge shock at the airport when he figured out that a hamburger meal costs around £20. (I had been trying to tell him how expensive Norway is and talking about bringing our own food for days, but apparently that information never reached his brain.) After a couple of expensive lattes we felt a lot better and Matthew had calmed down a little too.

We basically spent the whole day walking around Oslo and visiting what felt like one hundred parks. (I still can’t wear the shoes I was wearing that day.) My impression of Oslo is that it is a beautiful city with many parks and even more statues and sculptures. It also reminds me of Helsinki. Matthew’s impression was that he’s never seen as many beautiful people (girls) anywhere before. (I’m sure he meant to say ‘apart from Finnish people’.)


Matthew and his long lost twin.

Oslo 1

Matthew with some local kids.


A skinny Norwegian guy.


It’s an optical illusion guys, it’s not a huge beer belly and definitely not a baby bump! Never wearing that dress standing behind that gate again!


Don’t know why we picked the most boring statues in a park full of interesting sculptures to imitate?!


I’m starting to realise that that dress is maybe not the most flattering thing to wear…


If you’re Finnish you’ll get what is funny about this picture. It basically says ‘f***ing pharmacy’. Norwegian people are so rude.

As you can see from the photos we didn’t do much more than have our photo taken with various sculptures around the city. That and getting burnt in the sun. Luckily we managed to find a cheapish restaurant by the end of the day (food was horrible though). All in all it was a nice mini-vacation!

We got home after 11 pm, knackered and stinking. Next morning I started my new job. Not the best start, but I survived.

Today the summer has finally arrived to Edinburgh! It’ll be as hot as 21 degrees…Have a great Saturday everyone!

x Nina x