12 Things I Brought with Me from Finland

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Ever since I moved to the UK (almost 6,5 years ago!) I have become increasingly obsessed with Nordic brands and I love the thought of being a bit of an ambassador for the brands I love and new brands I discover here on the blog. The simple and elegant lines of Nordic design really tickle my fancy and it just makes me feel less homesick being surrounded by it. Going to Ikea is another way of battling homesickness – but it’s getting increasingly difficult to get Matthew to join me hmpf.

So since I love recommending products I like I want to share with you 12 things I brought with me from Finland last time we were over – some of these are gifts and some things I bought myself.

I’ve become a scented candle convert and loving this candle by Skandinavisk we got for Christmas. Even Matthew who hasn’t liked any other candles I’ve bought likes this one. Also love the names of their candles as well as the modern design and the wooden lids. This is a small candle but you can find the bigger one HERE.

I don’t seem to be able to leave Finland without buying yet another Moomin mug – and this one called “True to its Origins” is one of the prettiest I’ve seen! Fits my collection perfectly. Find it HERE.

My mum got Lana and I necklaces by Finnish Kalevala when Lana was born and the tradition continues with Maya. Maya loves her new heart necklace and I love my new earrings. I just need to keep having kids to grow my collection haha!

Another Christmas gift I was very happy to receive is these two toiletry bags by Finnish Finlayson. I finally have somewhere to put my toiletries when I travel (instead of a classy plastic bag) and the little one I have filled with toys and snacks for Lana for when we’re out and about.

Marimekko is such an iconic Finnish brand and Christmas wouldn’t be complete unless Santa brought some Marimekko items. This year it was some monochrome hand towels that will be perfect in our bathroom <3

I spotted this pretty little light green dress for Maya (her first non-herited one!) in the Polarn & Pyret sale and just had to have it. The quality of Swedish Polarn & Pyret clothes is amazing, but I wouldn’t buy anything full price as they are quite pricey for being children’s clothes. In Edinburgh you can buy clothes by Polarn & Pyret at least in Jenners and John Lewis – just look out for the sales!

Santa also brought Maya some clothes in the loveliest colours and prints. I do love Lindex and Kapp Ahl children’s clothes!

This gorgeous soother holder by W Design Helsinki was a gift by a friend and a life saver on my recent flight from hell. It doubles as a chew toy as well and that marble effect is just so pretty!

I’ve shouted about Lumene products on my blog before and doing it again having found more amazing products by this classic Finnish beauty brand. The Colour Correcting cream (find it HERE) is the perfect every day cream you won’t even notice you’re wearing and the colour correcting primer (find it HERE)  just absorbs so well into your skin and creates a great base for your make up. Love love love.

Lana can be a very girly girl and really loves dressing up and exploring my make up bag (supervised by me!). I can’t wear nail polish without her wanting to wear some too, so I was happy to find these nail polishes for kids that can be washed off by the French Nailmatic – yeah I know this isn’t a Nordic brand but still wanted to include it! It really does wash off and Lana enjoys doing my nails too – to beauty salon standard of course…

More Moomin stuff! My aunt got Lana and Maya some lovely Moomin spoons by Hackman that are just so much more exciting than normal spoons.

Something I always bring with me from Finland is vitamins for Lana and xylitol products for both her and myself. Xylitol is a Finnish invention that prevents tooth decay and is consumed by pretty much all Finns – the range of xylitol products is amazing and something I miss not being able to buy in the supermarket. Don’t understand why xylitol is so unknown in the UK and why it’s not being recommended by the NHS…Read more about xylitol in Finland HERE.

100% xylitol chewing gum isn’t easy to find in the UK, so I always make sure to stock up when I go home. There are so many flavours to choose from, but I try to stick to the more plain minty ones so I don’t eat them like sweets…These huge bags will last me 2-3 months if Matthew doesn’t steal too many. You can shop xylitol products in the UK HERE.

So there you go – a good dose of Nordic product promotion 🙂

x Nina x