A 15-Month Update

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I realised the other day that I haven’t written a Lana-update for ages so one is definitely due. She just turned 15 months, which sometimes feels like such a lot and sometimes like so little. Sometimes I think she looks huge and sometimes she looks like a wee baby. One thing is for sure though, she’s perfect! 

Lana continues to be a very happy and smiling child, but also a very, very cheeky one. If there’s something she’s not allowed to do it is guaranteed that she will do just that – after first giving me a cheeky smile to make sure I see what she’s about to do. Most of the time it’s actually quite funny, but when she eats dirt for the 15th time in a row I do get a little bit cross with her…


I’m still breastfeeding Lana around 3 times per day: before her nap, before she goes to bed and once around 5am in the morning in order to get her to sleep until 8am…I’ll do anything for a few hours’ of sleep! (When I’m working she feeds only twice.) She’s showing no signs of losing interest in breastfeeding yet, so I guess I’ll continue feeding her for a bit longer. It doesn’t seem to affect her appetite either that has grown so much over the past month or so. She’s also more adventurous with her food which is great. The other day she had almost as big a portion of pasta as I did! Her favourite foods are all pasta dishes, spinach pancakes, porridge that she has every morning, roasted carrot, orange, pear, the green smoothie I make, blueberries and bread. She’s still not too keen on yoghurt, cheese or milk – another reason to continue breastfeeding her. I bought her a little fork the other day that she loves using!


Lana still has a mild rash that flares up every now and then. I took her to the dermatologist on another check-up and he said that it’s most likely eczema and gave me a little brochure about how to treat it. Some foods can trigger the eczema, which I think is the case with Lana. We’re still waiting for an appointment with the allergy clinic to see if that’s the case. Previously it helped if I didn’t eat egg, but lately that doesn’t seem to make a difference – so either there’s never been an egg allergy or it has gotten better and something else is making Lana’s skin worse now. She still doesn’t seem bothered by it though which is a relief!


Our sleeping arrangements has changed a little bit…Or actually quite a lot! Matthew now sleeps in the living room and I sleep in our bed with Lana usually joining me around midnight. It’s easy to put her down in her own cot nowadays, which I do when she’s still awake. She often cries for a while but eventually settles herself. This applies for her daytime nap. She sleeps 3-5 hours before waking up the first time, demanding to be moved into our bed. She often falls asleep straight away and doesn’t wake up until 4-5am, but there have also been nights where she just wakes up in the middle of the night and stays awake chatting away and hitting me in the face for an hour or so…However, at the moment this sleeping arrangement is the way we all get as much sleep as possible, but I do know that we need to get her to sleep in her own cot all night so Matthew can move back in…And we were never supposed to become one of those families where the mum and dad don’t even sleep in the same room haha!


Ever since I started working Lana has been totally fine with spending two days per week with Matthew’s parents and shown no signs of separation anxiety. She’s also occasionally been looked after by Matthew’s sister and a friend who even managed to put her to bed at night! It’s nice that we can leave her with other people without any drama.


Lana’s playing on her own more and more, but still demands a lot of attention especially when I’m home alone with her. She really hates it if I sit down with my laptop and will come and pull my shirt to try and get me away from it. Her favourite toys are a little buggy she pushes around the flat, anything that will make a noise or music, her books, her doll and plush toys she’ll feed, put nappies and clothes on and give lots of cuddles and kisses. She loves drawing as well, and of course all the things that are dangerous or forbidden and she shouldn’t go anywhere near…


On top of Lana’s small repertoire of words (kissa – cat, tiss – boob, mamma – mum) she’s now practising the letter N and trying to say “näsa” – nose and also “mun” – mouth. Matthew is still “Ma” though, no matter how hard we try to get her to say “pappa” haha. She understands a lot though and will e.g. fetch her shoes, my phone, her socks etc. if asked to.


Lana is absolutely fascinated by shoes and is often found walking around the house with shoes on – she clearly doesn’t understand the whole Scandinavian no shoes inside policy…She can spend ages trying to put her own, mine or Matthew’s shoes on and then walk around the apartment with a big smile on when she’s succeeded. I bought a potty training book for Lana last weekend, but so far she’s just playing with the potty and using it as a chair. Don’t think we’ll start training anytime soon!


Going out with Lana is always fun. She is very social and is always trying to make contact with people around her – which results in us talking to a lot of random people. She’s especially interested in other children that she’ll just walk right up to and start talking to (or try to steal their toys). She loves walking herself, although most of the time she’s actually running. When I put her down she’ll instantly just take off in any random direction and usually won’t look back until she’s quite far away. But she does come back eventually I discovered when seeing how far she’d go if I don’t follow her the other day in the enclosed Botanic Garden…I did see her all the time though – just hid in bushes so she wouldn’t see me haha.

Ok that’s quite a few words about Lana, so think I’ll just stop here – although I could easily write another 1000 words about my wee frog!

x Nina x