2 Years of Being a Mum

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My wee crazy-haired frog/ballerina turns two today. Two years have gone by so quickly that I’m worried I’ll wake up one day to Lana being 20 and feeling like she was two only yesterday. Lana is such an explorer that I’m also worried she’ll do what I did and end up living somewhere far away from me when she’s older…I want her to grow up but at the same time I want her to be my little baby girl and stay with me. Always! 

These past two years have been filled with joy and laughter and we’re so lucky to have such a bright, outgoing, curious, funny and independent girl. Not to mention healthy! It’s impossible to put into words how much Lana means to us and how much we enjoy being her parents, so I’m not even going to try! She’s simply the best (to us). When I’m writing this at 10.30pm the night before she is still awake, playing with her toys in her bed and chatting away – so she’s simply a night-owl too!

We’re going away to the Lake District with a group of friends for the weekend, so we won’t organise a party this year – which I don’t mind as I’m still exhausted from baking that Moomin cake last year haha. Plus she wouldn’t remember it or even understand what’s going on! (Excuses, excuses…) Lana’s actual birthday happens to be on a Thursday, which means I’ll be working and Nana and Pop have the honour of spending the day with her.

Below is a photo from Lana’s first birthday party. She definitely has more hair now and she’s grown a fair bit – but not too much as she still wears that same dress! Keep scrolling for some recent photos of the birthday girl.

Grattis på födelsedagen gumman! <3

x Nina x

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