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Happy London Times

East London Netil House View

Hey folks!

When I first moved up to Edinburgh I really thought that it would be supereasy to just pop down to London for a weekend or so, but I soon realised that it is easier said than done. Train tickets are ridiculously expensive if you want to travel at a decent time (or any other time for that matter), and a 4,5-5 hour train-ride isn’t really my idea of a good time either. Flying is another possibility, but having done that it is almost even more of a hassle than taking the train.

Brits Love Their Puns

The Elephant House

I was trying to come up with a pun for the title, but can’t think of anything…As you might’ve guessed already, this post will be about a thing British people really seem to love: puns. I guess English, with its inconsistency between spoken and written language, is perfect for producing puns. (Btw, ‘The Elephant House’ is not a pun, it’s one of the cafes where J.K.Rowling wrote Harry Potter. Just chucked it in there to confuse you.)

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