Anniversary Dinner @ The Atelier

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Last weekend we celebrated our 2-year anniversary with an excellent meal at The Atelier Restaurant. Matthew came across this little restaurant on Tripadvisor, where it is ranked the second best place to eat in Edinburgh. There were a whole lot of 5 star reviews, but we found it a little bit hard to believe that a place within that price range could be as good as all the reviews claimed. However, our expectations were exceeded, and all the great reviews were absolutely spot on!

2 Years Together

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Last Friday Matthew and I celebrated our 2-year anniversary. Who would’ve thought that that rainy Friday night in London’s Southwark would’ve resulted in the happiest two years of my life? (With many, many more happy years to come I hope!) Many a time I’ve thought about how lucky we were to meet in a city as big as London, and how many things could’ve gone wrong – resulting in us not meeting. Scary.

Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter from a sunny Edinburgh!

We’ve enjoyed sunshine pretty much all week, which means that there are heaps of flowers everywhere (and my pollen allergy is starting to kick in). I’m always making fun of my mum for taking countless photos of flowers, but this time I’m guilty of that myself…So this post will be dedicated to my mum, enjoy!

How To Grow Alfalfa Sprouts

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It’s sprouting time!

Some of you might remember my first (and only) sprouting experience last summer, that actually went quite well. I really enjoyed watching the sprouts grow (not literally), so I thought I’d give it another go – this time with tiny alfalfa seeds. Two attempts later I think I’ve got it. If you want to grow your own little chlorophyll wonders, here’s a short guide to how to do it. 

A Cute Office Visitor

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Hello all,

It’s been a warmish and sunny day here in Edinburgh, and it just hit me today that it’s mid-April already! That’s only a month an a half until summer! Woohoo!

My Weekend in London

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Hello from a sunny Edinburgh!

It was almost a year ago since I moved to Edinburgh from London, and only now did I visit for the first time –  it had been way too long if you ask me! It was so nice to be back, and I instantly felt like home and as I hadn’t left at all. Must confess I have missed the London buzz!

Hidden Doors & Gardens

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Happy 1st of April!

Another weekend swooshed by in no time. There’s a pop-up arts festival called Hidden Doors going on at the moment in the unused vaults on Market street here in the Burgh. 24 vaults have been turned into different art installations, stages and cinemas. It’s free to enter until 6 pm and the festival is on until April 5th – so you still got time to pay a visit!