Blond is back!

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I usually don’t treat myself to a visit to the hairdresser’s more than once a year, so had forgotten what a mood-booster a new look can be! I’m 100% happy with my decision of going back to blonde – I feel more like myself now.

Pregnancy Photos from Week 25

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As my belly seems to be going through a real growth spurt I thought it would be time for some more photos to show you how big I am at 25 weeks right before entering the third trimester. I decided to wear the same dress as in my last pregnancy photo post from 21 weeks to best show off the change. My waist is pretty much non-existent as the belly has spread to the sides like a true girl-belly is supposed to – at least I think it has! I’ve put on weight mostly around my middle, on the other hand it’s hard to tell as the rest of me might just look smaller when you compare to the belly 🙂 Some of these photos really make me cringe (I’m definitely not a natural in front of the camera), so try not to look at my face and concentrate on the belly instead!

Babies, Toddlers, Pigeons & a Dog

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As I’ve mentioned, we spent around 10 days in Finland last August, so I thought I’d finally share a few photos from the trip – mainly of my niece and nephew, so stop reading now if you’re not that into children! As these two rug rats’ parents were busy organising a wedding, we got to babysit them quite a lot – which both Matthew and I enjoyed very much. Plus it’s good practice I guess (although I had to do all the diaper changing, hmpf.)

My Weekend in Pictures

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I woke up to some fantastic news this morning – a shop that sells Nordic groceries is opening up in Edinburgh! This is great as it will hopefully mean I won’t have to keep bringing stuff all the way from Finland and that I’ll have access to salty liquorice (salmiakki) and rye bread (fingers crossed!) whenever I want! The shop should open in mid-November, and I’ll make sure I’ll be there to stock up on foods I miss. I’m so happy 🙂

My Doomoo is Here!

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Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today it finally arrived, my new doomoo pregnancy pillow! It’s superlight, completely mouldable with a removable cover, and you can use it for getting comfy when sleeping, breastfeeding and to put the baby on. There are loads of different pillows out there, but this one was recommended by a few friends, so decided not to risk it.

Marimekko Cushion Covers & Nordic Design

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I really want to make sure there are some Finnish vibes in our home, which is the reason I came back with two bags instead of one when I was last visiting…I went through the cupboards in my old flat where my brother and his fiancee are now living, and found some long lost Finnish design friends that I just had to take back with me. Keep reading to see what the new additions in our home are!

Pregnancy Photos from Week 21

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At 21 weeks I was finally starting to look pregnant enough to be able to wear more fitted clothes without just looking chubby, which I have been waiting for. In fact, a woman actually got up for me on the crowded morning bus last week! I really thought people wouldn’t notice, so I was so shocked that I don’t even know if I thanked her. Definitely starting to feel clumsier and less mobile, more and more each day – soon Matthew will have to start cutting my toe nails…Thought I’d post a few photos of my new curves, especially so my family and friends back home can see the progress 🙂

Glamping in the Trossachs

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This will be a bit of a Throwback Thursday post from our short break to the Trossachs National Park last summer. Our friends drove up from London the last weekend in July, and as we thought it would be nice for them to see something else than ‘just’ Edinburgh, we decided to stay in a caravan at the hotel we stayed in for my 30th birthday. So after a night with dinner in the sun followed by some stand-up comedy in Edinburgh we got up earlyish the following day and started driving north.