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Winter Coat Inspiration

At the moment the only winter coat I can fit into is an old beige parka I bought in a second hand shop in Helsinki about 5 years ago. It is huge and will do me fine until I give birth, but I’m really longing for a classic, stylish winter coat that I can wear for years to come. It needs to be timeless (but with a little twist), well tailored, elegant and of high quality fabric. I’m hoping that I would find something in the sales after Christmas, but if I can’t it’ll just have to wait until next year! I’ve put together a board on Pinterest with styles and colours I like to make it easier for me to picture what I want. What do you think?

x Nina x

Getting Into the Christmas Spirit


I’m starting to get into the Christmas mood and have been asking Matthew when we can get a Christmas tree for weeks now – so we went and got a fake tree yesterday, yay. Haven’t dressed it yet though. This morning we got up early to go to Ikea (you can imagine how happy Matthew was about it) to get a new, big chest of drawers that can double as a changing table and a comfy arm chair for all those baby feeding sessions. And glögg of course, 3 bottles of it! Can’t wait to have some later tonight with almonds and raisins  as it’s traditionally served 🙂 Also got some hyacinths for that distinctive Christmassy smell – not sure if I need to plant them though as they were just bulbs…Anyone?

Forget Me Not Ball


Last Saturday we got to attend the Forget Me Not Ball at the four-star George Hotel – a charity ball by Alzheimer Scotland with the aim of raising money for dementia. Approximately 88,000 people have dementia in Scotland in 2014 and more get diagnosed every day, so it’s a very important cause. As Matthew helped organise the digital side of the event he was invited along – with avec of course (and he picked me!).

A Night in the Archipelago


When the November darkness and rains prevail it’s nice to dig into some summer memories. This will be another TBT post, this time from our short stay at a friend’s summer cottage on an island in the beautiful Finnish archipelago. There was a proper 40-day heatwave in Finland last summer, but we arrived literally the day it ended. The weather was still comfortably warm (especially when you compare it to Scottish summer weather…), so we had a lovely sunny stay on the island anyway. Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos, and the ones I took were with my iPhone, so these will have to do!

My Second Trimester

Ok guys, more boring preggo stuff in this post – just warning you!

As I did a First Trimester post I thought I should probably do one for my second trimester too. Some sources say that the third trimester starts at 26 weeks, others 27 and some 28, so decided that I’m going to go with 27 weeks for my trimester. As promised by all the pregnancy info that’s out there, the past three months have been very easy and I’ve even felt more energetic than usual. Maybe I’ve been lucky too, but if this is what being pregnant is then I don’t mind having more children at all 🙂

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