Too Excited

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It’s my second last day at work, just can’t comprehend it! Well, actually my last as tomorrow I have an appointment with my midwife mid-morning and then we’re just going for a Christmas lunch with my workmates in the afternoon, so won’t be working much tomorrow – if at all. Last week we finally got a bit of snow, which made this highly inspirational view from my office a bit more interesting to look at. Just read that we’re likely to get a white Christmas in the south of Finland too, so really looking forward to that!

First Visit to Nordic Affär

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Today it’s been snowing for several hours, but the snow hasn’t settled since it’s too warm and wet. At least I’ve had the pleasure of admiring the big snowflakes falling from the sky through the office window and luckily my blog has its own snowfall 🙂

The Nordic Shop I’ve mentioned before finally opened its doors on December 4th, so just had to pay a visit as soon as I could. It’s just a small shop at the top of Leith Walk, but to me it is yet more proof of how the Scandinavia boom and Scandinavians are slowly taking over the UK 😉

Happy News!

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baby boy bootees

Yesterday, on the Finnish Independence Day, I became an auntie for the third time – to a little boy! It’s my twin brother’s first child and I don’t know how I’m going to be able to wait two full weeks before I get to meet the little guy! He is the cutest little thing – I think he looks like my brother whereas Matthew thinks he looks  like his mother 🙂 To get to hold him will be the best Christmas present ever!

Preparing Home for Christmas & Baby

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I was working from home yesterday, so thought I’d take a few photos of our Christmas tree (yes, we already have one) and a few pieces we’ve bought with the baby in mind whilst it’s still light – when I get home from work at 5.30-6pm it’s hopelessly dark for any photos. I must say, however, that I like the dark evenings. They are perfect for burning candles, watching Masterfchef and being highly pregnant!