2015 vs 2017

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My original plan was to take this same sofa photo of the cousins every time I visited Finland, but surprise surprise there’s been a gap of more than two years…Anyway, above is a recent photo of the four cousins (where unfortunately half of the team decided to be grumpy) and below is a photo from when they were 2 months, 4 months, a year and 3 years old. How time flies!! 

I remember thinking when Lana was that little that ‘how can it get any better than this?’ But it can and it’s just so fun watching them grow and become little people. Listening to Lana and Max talk now is hilarious and sooo cute. Lana is a singer as well and constantly singing something, from baa baa black sheep to Let it go and that really annoying Johnny Johnny – yes papa-song…

Tomorrow we’re all heading to the zoo for a day out with the cuzzies. When you live abroad and don’t get to see them that often it’s nice to do something a bit more special. Weather’s looking good and Matthew will finally join us too, so should be fun!

x Nina x