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Cuteness Overload


Most of my friends are at that stage of their lives where they have small children, who are stealing all the attention at our gatherings – but who can blame them when they’re this cute? Neither Matthew nor I could resist taking out our new camera every 5 minutes when meeting up with my friends in Finland during our holiday, so I thought I’d share some here on the blog as well.

Ready For A Baby?

pregnant 35 weeks

Having a baby means there will be a million thoughts and questions throughout the process, and I, as I’m sure many other pregnant women, have been hassling Google with countless silly and less silly questions for eight months now. Some questions are, however, a bit more comprehensive than others, and can’t be answered by Google or anyone else. Something I’ve found myself thinking about recently, and also asked Matthew several times, is if we’re really ready to have a baby? And how do you know that you are?

Back Home in the Burgh!


We’re back from a relaxing two-week holiday in Finland, and we didn’t come back empty-handed as you can see from the picture above! (Thank you family and friends!!) I also came back with a brand new camera that I’m learning to use, so the pictures in the blog will be of better quality from now on, yay. All in all we had a great stay, with a white Christmas and New Year’s, a couple of big get together’s with my friends, quality time with my family and my adorable little nephew of course!

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