My Birth Story

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Ok, if you haven’t given birth or are pregnant chances are you won’t find this post very interesting…At least other people’s birth stories didn’t really mean much to me before I got pregnant and went through it myself. I still want to write down how it all happened, because knowing myself I’ll forget about all the details within two weeks if I don’t!

Pregnancy Photos From Week 40

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Since my waters broke on my due date just a few hours after these photos were taken I haven’t had time to post them yet. But I still wanted to publish them here on my blog so that I can go back and see how big I actually got! 

The World Through the Eyes of a Baby

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When we assembled Lana’s cot bed a few weeks ago we realised how big it is in comparison to the size she would be, and it kind of hit us how tiny a newborn is and how big the world will seem in comparison.  

Say Hello to Baby Lana

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It’s been a bit quiet at my end lately, but for a very good reason: our daughter Lana Elise was born a week ago on Monday the 9th of February. She’s a healthy 4 kg baby with a good set of lungs and we’re as proud as parents can be. I feel like I haven’t been able to stop staring at my little girl all week and every time I turn around I see Matthew taking yet another photo of her 🙂 

Happy Runeberg's Day!

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Johan Ludvig Runeberg (1804-1877) is Finland’s national poet, and we celebrate him today on the 5th of February. He was actually a Swedish speaking Finn like me, who wrote in Swedish and lived in my home town Porvoo. He taught Latin literature at the same high school I went to, Borgå Gymnasium. I’ve always liked the day – mainly because you get to have one of these delicious Runeberg’s tarts created by his wife, Fredrika Runeberg…:)

Red Tulips & a Cold

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Red tulips

I should never have said that I haven’t been ill since the beginning of September in my last post – I should’ve known better…Now I’m not only uncomfortably close to popping, but I have a nice little cold as well! So I’ve spent a fair bit of time resting at home taking photos of flowers, trying out new recipes and doing jigsaws.