A Day At Edinburgh Zoo

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We got offered free tickets to Edinburgh Zoo by Matthew’s workmate yesterday, which we obviously couldn’t say no thank you to – so we tucked Lana in her sling and spent a few hours outdoors exploring the zoo.

Baby Sling – A Lifesaver

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As I’ve mentioned before, Lana (like most babies I suppose) like being held all the time, making it very difficult to get anything done – like eating. I decided to give this jersey baby carrier a go to see if Lana would like it more than her bouncer or pram…And she did!

Lana's First Bath

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First of all, Lana’s first bath wasn’t now at nearly 6 weeks of age, but when she was around 10 days old. Don’t want you to think there’s some child neglect going on here haha! 

New Living Room

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The other day when Matthew was working from home he suddenly decided it was time for a change. Of the living room. I protested but let him move around the furniture as a test – and now I’m not sure what I like better!

Happy Mother's Day!

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mothers day 2015

In Finland we don’t celebrate Mother’s Day until the second Sunday in May, but as I’m now living in the UK I suppose it means I get to celebrate it twice, right? 🙂 So today is the first (out of two) Mother’s Day for me – it feels surreal and amazing at the same time…

4 Weeks Old Today!

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4 week old baby smiling

With four whole weeks of mumhood behind me today, I can honestly say that it’s been amazing and actually even easier than I expected! (I might have to eat my words on this one further on though…) We’ve been keeping a close eye on Lana’s development, and I can’t describe how rewarding it is to see her starting to smile and laugh – and today I even managed to snap a few photos 🙂

TBT: Picturesque Porvoo Old Town

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My blog posts have been a bit baby-heavy lately (to say the least), so thought I’d do at least one post without any photos or mention of babies 🙂 I found these pics from our last visit to Finland, and wanted to share with you how pretty the old town in my home town Porvoo is.