A Little Girl In A Big Bed

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At almost 5 months Lana is now too big for her moses basket, so we’ve finally moved her to her massive cot bed where she can roam around with her little plush friends. At the moment she’s still so excited about being in her new bed that she’s started waking up to play in the middle of the night…She falls back asleep on her own though and I’m sure it’s just temporary, so I’m not too worried!

A Summer In Barcelona

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I started reading a book in Spanish the other day, and for some reason it got me reminiscing about the summer I spent in Barcelona with my friend – working in an Indian restaurant…So why not do a wee blog post about it?!

My First Afternoon Tea

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Hello from a grey and cold Edinburgh! Still no summer in sight, so really hoping Finland will deliver instead in a couple of weeks when we go over…Anyway, I’ve had a very indulgent weekend with Afternoon Tea, fish and chips and sweets – and now I feel rubbish!

My Summer Baby

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Summer is finally here! Well, it was here for 3 days before it got cold again. But it was warm for long enough for me to get sunburnt (same mistake every year aargh) and Lana to get her summer hat out and experience grass for the first time…

4 Months Old

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It has hit both Matthew and I how much Lana has grown all of a sudden – for a long time I thought she looked pretty much the same, but now she’s starting to look more and more like a little girl. The past few weeks have been very exciting as Lana has started rolling over, grabbing and mouthing things, sitting up with support and showing even more interest in her surroundings and intensely observing the people around her.

Back At The Hospital

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monkeybar Take a look at the middle photo in the collage above and just see how happily I’m swinging through the air – like a little monkey. Won’t be doing that anytime soon (or ever again). A couple of days ago I decided to give the same monkey bars a go when out running – resulting in a fractured wrist and extreme pain.