Third Week In Finland

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Guess I’m stuck doing these weekly posts now since I started 🙂 (See what we got up to during Week 1 and Week 2.) Week 3 has gone by just as quickly as the first two weeks, probably because we’ve kept ourselves pretty busy again 🙂

Flying A Helicopter

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Seen one of these before? It’s my brother’s new toy – a remote-controlled mini helicopter used to take photos or film from above. When my bro got the helicopter out we all just flocked around him to see this amazing technology in action. The chopper can fly up to 500 metres! I was surprised by how good the quality is and how steady the drone is. 

Second Week In Finland

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Another busy week in Finland is over. We’ve spent time with Lana’s cousins, visited her great grannies, had dinner with friends, gone on many walks, visited the old town, soaked up some rays, taken loads of photos, eaten plenty of berries and ice cream and much more I can’t think of right now. In other words a great second week!

Finnish Summer Nature

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Finnish nature is at its best at the moment: green and full of colour. I got so inspired by the abundance of flowers on our evening walk the other day that I was too focused on snapping photos to notice the lovely little fella we bumped into. Scroll down to the end to find out who he was!

Picking Berries

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I love all sorts of berries, and would happily eat them every day if they weren’t so expensive. So now when I can pick delicious and nutritious berries for free here in Finland I definitely want to make the most of it!

First Week In Finland

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We’ve been in Finland for a week already, with Matthew returning home to Edinburgh very early on Monday morning. Again, Lana was great on both flights and charmed everyone, including two cute little boys (is this how it’s going to be – flirting with all the boys whenever she gets a chance?!)

I’ve Got My Hand Back!

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Last Friday I woke up excited knowing that it was the day the horrible cast would come off – after 4 weeks of being uncomfortable and just before flying to Finland. My arm didn’t look as deformed as I had feared, just really skinny, wrinkly and smelly. It was quite stiff, but it’s already a lot better now.

I’m Doing Something Right

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I love plants and think they look nice and freshen up any room, but I’ve never really taken the time to learn how to look after them. Still our plants seem to thrive for some reason – although most of them are in their original small pots and don’t receive any TLC apart from water once a week or less. Maybe it’s our bright flat that is the secret behind it all?