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This is how happy we are about going to Finland tomorrow 😀 Yesterday we took Lana out on the back terrace to work off some energy, and she was running around there for ages – too cute! Will be interesting to see how flying with Lana goes now that she’s so mobile and won’t sit still for 2 seconds…Think I’ll have to pack around 100 toys to keep her entertained…Wish me luck!

x Nina x

Our Weaning Story

Introducing Lana to solid foods was something I eagerly looked forward to, so much that I even started a couple of weeks before she turned 6 months. She could stay in a sitting position and reach out and grab things, so I thought it would be a very straightforward thing – that Lana would happily eat whatever I gave her and would pretty much be using a fork and knife by the age of one…Turns out my expectations were very unrealistic!

My Big Little Girl

It is crazy how time flies when you watch your children grow. My little girl is now 7 months old. 7 months! I didn’t expect her to be so “big” already – I thought I would have that little helpless baby to care for for a bit longer. Instead I now have this big little girl who’s crawling, standing up, sitting up, eating (or well, trying to…), “talking”, teething and who’s just so brave and independent already!

September Is Here!

Summer is over, September is here and it’s time to stop slouching and get back on track – and to do so I needed new running shoes (I left my old ones in Finland). Asics has been my shoe of choice ever since I started running 6 years ago, but after visiting the Nike outlet last weekend and finding these babies for a very very good price I decided to give Nike a go. Not usually a fan of pink, but have to admit they do brighten up the run!

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