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10 Differences Between Finland And The UK

Since I travel between Finland and the UK several times a year I cannot help but make small observations about differences in Finnish and Scottish everyday life that I find curious, interesting or just plain annoying – and now I thought I’d share them with you as well my dear friends. Remember that these are just my personal, not-so-objective observations and generalisations based on 1,5 years in London and 2,5 years in Edinburgh! So without further introductions, here they are:

Autumn Forest Run

Today was one of those good days when I just woke up in a good mood and didn’t even feel tired although I barely slept last night (both Lana and trouble falling asleep are to blame). The sun was shining from a blue sky once again and the lawn was glistening with frost. Yup, we’re down to minus degrees already! I didn’t bring warm enough clothes for Lana (I don’t think she even owns clothes that warm), so we had to get her some wintry stuff.

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