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Tourists In Edinburgh

Pretty much ever since I moved to Edinburgh I’ve been wanting to go on a guided tour in the Old Town, but just never quite made it. We did go on one of those ghost tours in the underground vaults when I was still living in London and only visiting, but we had to interrupt the tour as I thought I was going to faint due to lack of oxygen (and perhaps my hangover had something to do with it too…)

How To Make Karelian Pasties

Since I’ve now successfully made traditional Karelian pasties one time and am therefore an expert I thought I might as well teach you guys too haha! The reason I’ve never made these delicious Finnish pies is that I’ve always thought them to be really tricky to make. Encouraged by my Jordanian friend (who actually made them before me!) I finally took the bull by the horns – and they turned out great! No, better than great actually!

Saturday Play

Lana has definitely reached the age where she clearly appreciates the company of other babies and toddlers and needs more entertainment and stimulus than before. This means that we need to start taking Lana more places where she can play and spend time with other children – and last Saturday we decided to try the soft play area at the Commonwealth Pool where we used to go to the gym.

Helsinki Vertical

Helsinki cathedral

Some of you might remember my blog post from last summer where we were trying out my brother’s new drone camera? My brother’s clearly been practising a fair deal after that, and here is the result: a beautiful aerial video of beautiful Helsinki in the most beautiful summertime. Take a look and book your flights to Helsinki!

x Nina x

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