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The Last Day Of 2015

When I think back on 2015 the first thought that comes to my mind is how incredibly fast it’s gone by. This time last year I was 35 weeks pregnant and eagerly waiting to meet Lana – and when I did, everything changed. She came in to our lives in the beginning of February and charmed us off our feet, and I’ve spent almost every single hour with her ever since. And you know what they say: time flies when you’re having fun (and changing nappies) 🙂

Hopetoun House Christmas Fair

A few Saturdays ago we decided to check out the Christmas Fair at Hopetoun House. Hopetoun House is one of Scotland’s finest stately homes , situated close to Queensferry on the outskirts of Edinburgh. The house was built in 1699-1701 and extended later on. We’ve been meaning to visit, but last time we tried the weather ruined it for us. Now the weather was pretty crap again and only a small part of the house was open, so will have to go back during the warmer months for a proper visit!

OOTD: Green Turtleneck

I still remember a lovely light grey/blue turtleneck jumper I had around 10 years ago, and now wish I had saved it even though I thought I’d never wear a turtleneck again! But somehow history always repeats itself and here I am dressed in one – and very much liking it. Especially the lovely dark green colour. They’re so practical too, keeping you warm in the windy and cold Burgh 🙂

Before Snow

I took my camera with me on our walk the other day, thinking I’d probably not use it anyway as nature is pretty bleak and dead at the moment – but I ended up taking quite a few photos! This is definitely not my favourite time of year, but I guess there is beauty in all this greyness too. Rugged beauty. I still hope there will be snow very soon – and I think that’s what mother nature is waiting for too.

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