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When I look back at 2016 I think of it as a good year overall. Perhaps not on a global level but on a personal level it has been good – apart from my grandmother passing away of course. It’s been a big year with marriage, a new job and buying a flat. I’ve seen Lana grow into a sunny little human being who’s already outclevering her mamma and pappa. Here are the main events I remember from 2016.

At the end of January my 102-year old grandmother passed away and shortly after Lana and I got on a plane to Finland to attend the funeral. She was an incredibly strong and stubborn woman who I’ve always admired. It came as no surprise to anyone that she lived over a century! You can read my blog post about my granny here.

February 9th marked Lana’s first birthday that we celebrated with family and friends at Hemma restaurant in Edinburgh. Lana was on good form and loved all the attention!

In March I interviewed for a part-time job at short term letting agency Dickins Edinburgh and got the job! It later turned into a permanent position and I couldn’t be more happy about landing this job as it is just perfect for me! I get along really well with my boss and it’s all very flexible as well which is great when you have a Lana 🙂

In April I decided that it was time for some me-time with my Finnish girls and got on a plane to Stockholm for a girly weekend! It was a well-organised trip with lots of good food, bubbles and gossip of course! Plus a visit to the most amazing Thai-restaurant…Lana and Matthew got along even better than I had expected – here’s what they got up to!

At the beginning of May my parents finally made it to Edinburgh for a visit. The trip involved a fair bit of sightseeing, food and of course the introduction of the Äikäs and Adams clans to each other!

During my folks’ visit I also helped organise and attend my first ever InstaMeet that took place at the historic Rock House that Dickins rents out. It was a success and I met so many lovely Edinburgh Instagrammers and even made some new friends. It was one of those events in life that unexpectedly result in something bigger and just keeps on giving.

In June Brexit happened but thankfully also some positive stuff went down. Matthew turned 30 on the 29th and to celebrate that and also for once go somewhere else than Finland for a holiday we spent a week in Mallorca. Lana loved the beach and it wasn’t too hot – but not everything went to plan…Read more about our first family holiday here!

At the end of June I also finally got the chance to meet a Highland Coo in real life at the massive Royal Highland Show 😀

In July we got on the property ladder after purchasing a two bedroom flat in Trinity. The biggest buy of my life! After this everything has seemed strangely cheap…

In August the yearly Edinburgh Festival – the biggest arts festival in the world – came to town once again and made things a bit more mad. I took Lana to several shows and also managed to see several comedy shows without Lana. Success!

At the end of August we finally got to move into our new home – and with the help of Matthew’s brother and dad things went very smoothly. It was a bit sad to say goodbye to our Stockbridge home though – I’m definitely missing the small town feel of the area, all the cafes and shops and the weekly market.

In September we spent a warm and sunny three weeks in Finland and got to meet Lana’s new cousin, Kenneth the Rottweiler! He is a fair bit bigger now I can tell you, but not as scary as I thought he would be.

At the end of September we also welcomed some visitors from Finland to Edinburgh – the first ones to stay in our new home and try our new sofa bed!

On October 14th we surprised a lot of people by tying the knot in secret at the Lothian Chambers Registrars Office. It was an amazing day as I saw Matthew cry for the first time. If you knew what a standing joke it’s been between us ever since we met you’d understand what a huge thing it was to see him get that emotional on our wedding day! Here’s my blog post about our wedding day.

At the end of October I finally stopped breastfeeding Lana, when she was a respectable 21 months old. What a journey! A good one though. Thankfully she was very relaxed about the whole thing!

In November Matthew and I travelled to beautiful Copenhagen for a Lana-free holiday. Matthew also attended the Alzheimer Europe Conference where he presented his project, the Ally Bally Bee Project. Again our holiday didn’t quite go to plan…Read more about it here!

December has been all about taking some me-time and pampering myself by welcoming a new family member; my new coat! 🙂 We spent Christmas in our new home with Matthew’s family and now we’re in Finland where we’ll welcome the new year by having dinner with friends in Helsinki – can’t wait!

All in all I’m grateful for what a positive year it has been and I’m excited for 2017 – I have a feeling it’ll be a good one too, and a big one. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

x Nina x