A Weekend in Stockholm with the Girls

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The long awaited girly weekend getaway to Stockholm came and went way too quickly, just like fun things always tend to do. Can’t say I was physically rested after only sleeping a few hours per night, but the trip definitely gave me a mental boost – it’s just so relaxing to spend time with people from your own little town that speak the same dialect and that you’ve known for so long! 

Hasta la Vista!

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I’ve packed my suitcase and I’m ready to go on my first real holiday since Lana was born. It’ll be the first time I’m away from Lana at night and my poor

My Little Copycat

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It never ceases to amaze me how much Lana copies us! When Matthew was taking some outfit photos of me the other day Lana was running around exploring the terrace and minding her own business. When we were finishing off Lana suddenly decided it was time for her to step into the limelight and carefully backed up against the same wall I had been standing against. She stood there posing for a few moments and let daddy snap some photos before scooting off again. Another reminder of just how much kids really pick up!

OOTD: Patterned Mini Skirt

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Spring has gotten to me once again and I’ve just HAD to purchase a few new items…Such as this patterned monochrome skirt I found in Zara. Unfortunately I got it in a size too big – but guess it’s more suited for work being a bit longer haha (new job is another good excuse to go shopping by the way!)

A Sunny Weekend in April

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Hi from a sunny Edinburgh! This weekend has really felt like spring – especially since it was warm enough to get out my spring coat 🙂 I’m quite excited about April as I’ve got so much to look forward to! Next weekend I’m going on a girls’ trip to Stockholm, which means I’ll be spending the night away from Lana for the first time :O Well actually two nights! Will be very interesting to see how that goes

Visiting Gorgie City Farm

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Last Saturday we were out the door just after 10am (!) We walked through Stockbridge to get on a bus that would take us to Gorgie City Farm, tucked in between a busy railway and road in Dalry. I only recently found out about the farm, but immediately thought it was a great idea and somewhere I had to take Lanushka. 

My New Job

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I’ve now been a working mum for a full week, which actually means just two days per week as I’m employed part-time. Although to be honest I’ve been working a lot more than that in order to get on top of everything – I’m sure you know what it’s like with a new job!