Stress Less With Ekornes

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Last week I visited the Royal Highland Show for the first time, which was such a great day out for the whole family. I’ll be blogging more about that later as I have around a million photos to share from the day! Anyway, at the show I was invited to meet with a representative for Norwegian Ekornes to learn more about what comfort really is about – and as I’m always keen to endorse the Nordics I just couldn’t say no.

Into Uncertainty

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I couldn’t believe my eyes when I checked the news yesterday morning. I hadn’t even considered the possibility of a brexit victory, especially since I don’t know a single person who voted for leaving. That might be because in this vote it was the older generations who chose the future path for the younger generations, a path so many don’t want to go down. 

Bye Bye Sun!

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We’ve left the sun, sea and sand in Mallorca behind us and are now back in grey but fortunately not too cold Auld Reekie. Even though both Lana and Matthew caught a cold it was a good holiday and I managed to clock off from work and relax – and since we didn’t pay for internet in our room we had very limited access to social media as well which was actually really nice! 

A Weekend of Design, Rain & Flat Shopping

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It’s exciting times at the moment. As I mentioned in my last blog post, we’re looking for a place to buy – and I think we’ve found one we want to make an offer on! It’s a bit inconvenient that we’re going to Mallorca for a week on Tuesday morning though, but I’m sure we can work around that somehow.

Art & Vintage in Edinburgh

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The other week we were viewing a flat in Leith (yes, we’re thinking about buying again…) and since we were in the area I wanted to visit a cafe/vintage shop/art gallery on Lyne Street in Abbeyhill that I was clued in on through Instagram. As soon as we stepped inside I took a liking to the place and decided I want to do a blog post to support the shop. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera, so photos aren’t great I’m afraid…