A New Beginning

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We finally had internet installed yesterday (it was a tough 5 days I have to admit), which means I can tell you a bit about the move to our new home! Our moving day was Saturday, and with the help of a man with a van and Matthew’s brother (thanks again Daniel!) we managed to move all our stuff to the new place in just over 2 hours. Not bad!

We’re Moving!

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princes street gardens

We’re moving to our new flat this Saturday and it feels surreal, exciting and sad at the same time. Surreal because we haven’t really allowed ourselves to get too excited before we get the keys and are hence maybe not all that prepared mentally. Exciting because we’re finally moving into a place that we can call our own and do whatever we want with, yay! And sad because the flat we’re in now is where Lana spent the first 1,5 years of her life and for some reason I don’t like the thought of strangers moving into “our” home…Can anyone relate?

Whitening Teeth With Banana?

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My teeth have always been fairly white, but I’ve noticed them getting more and more yellow the older I get – and I don’t like it! Whitening teeth professionally isn’t really something I feel like I want to spend loads of money on just yet, and my teeth have become a lot more sensitive since having Lana that I’m also worried it might hurt.

A Few Snapshots from the Fringe Festival

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Today I had to visit a place just off the epicentre of the Edinburgh Festival, the Royal Mile, and I couldn’t resist taking Lana to see the street performances and all the madness going on after – even though pushing a buggy in a crowd is not my idea of fun…It wasn’t too bad though and it was worth it as Lana was definitely entertained (and a wee bit confused)!

An Epic Date Night

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Last Saturday was a great day. It was the day that Matthew’s parents had promised to take Lana overnight for the first time so we could go on a date night without a curfew – which we definitely took advantage of!…

My Frog is 18 Months Old!

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Today my little frog is 1,5 year old! Somehow going from a year to a year and a half has gone a lot slower than what Lana’s first year went. Maybe because there hasn’t been huge sudden steps in terms of development, such as crawling, walking, weaning and the first words were. But I don’t mind it going slowly as I don’t really want my little girl to grow up too fast! (Although I impatiently wish she’d start talking more already!)