A Jewellery Competition With A Twist

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As I mentioned last week, there’s a fabulous competition I want to tell you more about. The prize is something unique and there’s an interesting twist to it too as it is connected to electricity meters…Keep reading to find out more!

A Sunny Visit to Sveaborg Sea Fortress

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This blog post has been sitting in my draft box ever since our last visit to Finland in September, so maybe it’s time to finally release it! On a glorious and warm Friday in September we took the 15-minute ferry over to Sveaborg Sea Fortress and enjoyed lunch, coffee and the beautiful island for a few hours. If you ever visit Helsinki you need to check out this place too!

Feeling Grateful

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I often feel grateful, because let’s face it, there’s no reason I shouldn’t – but for some reason I often keep these thoughts to myself and voice the negative, ungrateful opinions instead. It’s something I really want to work on as saying negative things won’t do me or anyone else around me any good. So to start focusing on the good stuff I want to write about what I’ve been feeling grateful for over the past week!

The End of an Era

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Three weeks ago I finally decided it was time to stop breastfeeding. I never thought I would breastfeed for so long, but it became clear to me when Lana was 12 months that it was an unrealistic plan to stop then. Instead I kept going for another 9 months – and all I can say is well done me!!

Exploring the Glasgow Mural Trail

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On my last trip to Glasgow I was so impressed by the murals I saw that I wanted to go back and do the City Centre Mural Trail – a path that visits 19 murals. So, even though the weather forecast didn’t fill us with hope, myself and two friends decided to get on the train to Glasgow last Sunday.

My Best Travel Tip

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Copenhagen skyline

This might be something everybody already knows about, but thought I’d share this advice anyway as it’s been extremely useful on my last few trips. 

4 Days in Copenhagen

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Ok so Lana was well enough for us to leave her with Matthew’s parents last Monday and we could happily get on a plane to Copenhagen. We made it to Kastrup safely after a very relaxing flight of reading my new Murakami book undisturbed, woohoo! Get prepared for a mammoth of a blog post!

My New Moroccan Pouffe from Bohemia Design

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Sorry guys, another post about interior design stuff coming up! (And more tips on where to shop beautiful handcrafted pieces here in Edinburgh and online…) As you might know I’m a huge fan of Nordic design – which possibly has something (or a lot) to do with my “Finnishness”. I don’t know if it was my late grandmother’s oriental rug that now adorns our living room floor, but I find the combination of modern, sleek Scandi vibes and colourful, expressive Middle Eastern designs quite attractive. Hence I naturally went and bought a Moroccan pouffe!