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When I look back at 2016 I think of it as a good year overall. Perhaps not on a global level but on a personal level it has been good – apart from my grandmother passing away of course. It’s been a big year with marriage, a new job and buying a flat. I’ve seen Lana grow into a sunny little human being who’s already outclevering her mamma and pappa. Here are the main events I remember from 2016.

Christmas Gift For Myself

the lab copenhagen

As the chocolate festival last Saturday was a huge disappointment there was plenty of time to take a few photos of my new coat instead – this time with my friend Zain behind the camera! I’ve been looking for a stylish, classic dark camel coat for ages without finding one I like or within my price range. My plan was to hunt one down on our trip to Copenhagen, but that didn’t happen due to several reasons…

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