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When I look back at 2016 I think of it as a good year overall. Perhaps not on a global level but on a personal level it has been good – apart from my grandmother passing away of course. It’s been a big year with marriage, a new job and buying a flat. I’ve seen Lana grow into a sunny little human being who’s already outclevering her mamma and pappa. Here are the main events I remember from 2016.

My Christmas in Pictures

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It always feels a bit absurd how quickly Christmas is over considering how much time you spend preparing for it. It’s a bit sad almost, but luckily there is always next year! This year we spent Christmas here in Scotland, so it was my second British Christmas. Keep scrolling to see how our Chrimbo turned out!

Gingerbread Cookie Baking

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Baking gingerbread cookies, or pepparkakor in Swedish and piparkakkuja in Finnish, is a Christmas tradition that I love and want to hold on to with Lana – so for the first time I can remember I actually made my own dough and got baking! In Finland you can buy readymade dough that is so nice that there’s no point in making your own…

Christmas Gift For Myself

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the lab copenhagen

As the chocolate festival last Saturday was a huge disappointment there was plenty of time to take a few photos of my new coat instead – this time with my friend Zain behind the camera! I’ve been looking for a stylish, classic dark camel coat for ages without finding one I like or within my price range. My plan was to hunt one down on our trip to Copenhagen, but that didn’t happen due to several reasons…

My Fabulous Edinburgh Saturday

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Cowgate Edinburgh

I had such a nice, relaxing Saturday that I just have to share it with you. There was a few things I needed to do for work (perfect excuse to get some me-time) and since the sun was out and I had my camera with me it quickly turned into a photo tour of the Old Town…Matthew took Lana swimming so they were enjoying themselves as well!

Random Ramblings

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Our wonky fake Christmas tree is up and has found its perfect spot in the living room. Lana was a huge help (read: hindrance) when decorating the tree and has already destroyed several baubles…I’m hoping she’ll lose interest in our poor tree soon!