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Dinner for Eight

Last Saturday we had a few friends over for dinner. This group has been very difficult to get around the same table as no one ever seems to be in the same city or country – but we finally did it and we had a blast! I didn’t think it was going to be THAT much work cooking for 8 people, but somehow we didn’t manage to get our starter on the table until closer to 10pm! I have a lot more respect for the people that go on Come dine with me and fail now haha.

Inside a Hello Fresh Food Box

Ever since I first heard about food boxes I’ve been curious to try them, but it wasn’t until Matthew’s sister recently tried Hello Fresh and through that got an offer she could pass on to friends and family that we tried it too – basically just £1 for 3 meals so not bad at all. We opted for the vegetarian box and in case there are any other curious people out there I thought I’d share what this experience was like!

New Buys for Our Home

I was supposed to publish this post yesterday, but for some reason I was lacking in energy and felt like I needed to rest and let Matthew do everything…I was out all day on Friday and Saturday, so maybe that’s why. Anyway, I was just lying around doing nothing for once – I honestly didn’t manage to do anything apart from making my favourite vegan pancakes in the morning and skyping my parents in the evening. But hey, I needed it!

Yet Another Finland Holiday

I feel like I’ve done hundreds of these ‘holiday in Finland’ blog posts (probably because I have) but here we go again! This time we spent only two weeks in my motherland, and I have to say that it felt a bit too short – three weeks seems to be the optimal time. It was another good holiday, very relaxing this time with less plans and the cold weather keeping us inside more.

How to Make Your Own Bunting

You might have noticed that there seems to be bunting everywhere these days – especially in interior design. I think it’s such a fun and affordable way of sprucing up the nursery or any other room for that matter! I felt Lana’s room really needed some bunting and as I didn’t want to pay loads for something so simple I had a quick google and found the perfect tutorial video to show me how it’s done.

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