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The Ally Bally Bee Project

Something I haven’t told you about here on the blog yet (because Matthew hasn’t let me until now) is The Ally Bally Bee Project. Around two years ago, just before Lana was born and my grandmother’s Alzheimer’s got worse Matthew had an idea about creating a personalised children’s book that explains dementia to your wee one. 

A Corner of Our Home & A Familiar Face

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This corner of our flat has, until only a few weeks ago, been the dumping ground of various things that didn’t have a home of their own. The previous owners of our flat used is as a working desk, but we’ve never used it for working from home – probably because it’s been filled with tools, boxes and random items. But one day I decided it was enough and only 15 minutes later the area was cleared. Why did I wait so long to get it done?!

A Weekend in the Lake District

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After work on the Friday after Lana’s birthday 9 of us got into two cars and started driving towards England and the Lake District. It was a bit of an spontaneous trip as we only started planning it two weeks before, but so glad we all got our sh*t together an made it happen because it was so much fun!

A Family Weekend

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calton hill edinburgh

It’s been just the three of us all weekend and even though we haven’t had any special plans we’ve managed to come up with lots of fun stuff to do (and eat). I like to have plans for the weekends and can feel a bit anxious and stressed even if we don’t, so I’ll always make sure we get out after breakfast at least on one of the days. Does anyone else feel this way? I mean, as a parent I should enjoy days where I don’t have to do anything right?!

A Wednesday on the Beach

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I always go on about all the things that are better in Finland, but one thing that is definitely better here in the UK is that spring comes so much earlier and you can spend a day on the beach in February. And Scottish beaches are also very pretty!

How We Met

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I started writing this post one evening several months ago, and although I can’t remember why I suddenly felt the need to share our story it’ll definitely be nice to have it written down before we forget how it all happened…I’ve been waiting for a good time to share this post, and Valentine’s Day seems to be quite appropriate 🙂 So here is how Matthew and I met – albeit not the most romantic story it has a funny twist!

OOTD: New Bag & Shoes

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marimekko mini matkuri

I’ve got a few new items in my wardrobe so it’s a perfect time to do an outfit post! If you’re wondering why my face looks so incredibly grey it’s not because I was nauseous and not because of the camera – but something WordPress has done to my photos after uploading them to the platform. After spending way too much time on trying to fix it I gave up and decided to just post these dull photos, so here we go!

2 Years of Being a Mum

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My wee crazy-haired frog/ballerina turns two today. Two years have gone by so quickly that I’m worried I’ll wake up one day to Lana being 20 and feeling like she was two only yesterday. Lana is such an explorer that I’m also worried she’ll do what I did and end up living somewhere far away from me when she’s older…I want her to grow up but at the same time I want her to be my little baby girl and stay with me. Always! 

This is My Sunday

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Even though I didn’t sleep well last night I woke up this morning feeling energised and decided I’m going to get a lot done today. Since we didn’t have any solid plans I thought it’ll be a good day to do a blog about a very typical Sunday of ours. I love these kind of posts and I hope you won’t find it boring!