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El Cartel – Best Mexican in Edinburgh?

I can’t remember having done anything as a couple since New Year’s Eve, so it was about time Matthew and I did something together – without a super-energetic 2 year old who demands all our attention! To keep things simple we decided to just have lunch at El Cartel – a small Mexican place on Thistle Street many claim to be the best one in Edinburgh. The best one I’ve tried here at least!

My Thoughts About Brexit

Happy election day! It’s been raining non-stop since the morning so wonder how many will skip voting in the general election today…I’m not allowed to vote because I’m not a British citizen, but I have to say I’m almost relieved as I wouldn’t know which party to vote for. Maybe the Greens but then again that’s not a tactical vote as they have no chance against the Conservative Party. Hmm.

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