A Visit from My Twin

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As I mentioned in my last blog, my twin brother, his wife and Lana’s 2-year old cousin visited us last week for four full days – so that obviously requires a blog post! They’ve been planning to come to Edinburgh for a long time, but having recently built a house of their own I can totally understand why it’s taken a while! 

35 Weeks Pregnant

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It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog lately, which is mainly due to the third trimester tiredness setting in…The tiredness or fatigue correlates a lot with how I sleep during the night though, so as long as I have a good night’s sleep I’m not too bad! I do like to lie down for an “awake nap” (can’t really sleep with Lana around) once a day, but generally I guess I feel quite ok at 35 weeks.

7 Beauty Products That Are Great for Dry Skin

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I’m not hugely into beauty products and makeup, but a while back I decided it was time to do something about my quite dry skin and fine lines from the outside as well – I was only using one cream (Aveeno) for both day and night and it was clearly not moisturising enough. I still use it during the day though as I do like it. I started googling and came across a whole range of interesting products, and I want to share with you the ones that I’ve liked the most and can recommend.

The Magical Little Sparta

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32 weeks pregnant

I’ve been wanting to visit Little Sparta ever since I first heard about this “secret” garden, but since you can’t reach it with public transport and we don’t drive (yet) it took me until now! Yesterday Matthew’s dad who’s also wanted to visit for a long time came with us, so we all got into his car and drove Southwest through beautiful hilly sceneries for about an hour.