21 Weeks Pregnant Now vs with Lana

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It’s been such a warm day today that I’ve been walking around with just a summer dress on – which doesn’t happen often I can assure you! And it looks like tomorrow will be just as nice – perfect for Father’s Day.

After taking some photos of my friend in the morning for her new venture I met up with Matthew and a sweaty little Lana for lunch at Earthy’s. We then walked to a nearby park at which point Lana fell asleep so we could sit on the grass and soak up the sun and do a bit of sweating. She woke up at 5am this morning for some reason, then she was awake for an hour or so, fell asleep and slept until 6.45am when she decided to get up…Not sure why as she usually sleeps for longer and has, in fact, slept in her own bed aaall night since Sunday! She has occasionally slept in her bed a night here and there, but never for this many nights in a row. Please please let this be the start of some new permanent sleeping arrangements!

Anyway, after we got home we went in to the field behind our house to do some exercises, and as I realised I’m 21 weeks today and since that was the first preggo photos I posted when I was pregnant with Lana I brought the camera too. There’s nothing like a good comparing session! So here are a few photos from today followed by a photo from 21 weeks with Lana for comparison.

21weekspregnantsecondchild 21weekspregnant

And this is me pregnant with Lana, also at 21 weeks. I was definitely smaller then, but perhaps not as much smaller as I thought I was…

Lana is such a runner and often the only way to get her to move from point a to point b is to turn it into a running competition.

Doing squats with Lana who’s always trying to imitate me – a very flattering angle isn’t it?!

Hope you all have a fabulous Sunday!

x Nina x