26 Photos from Our Day Trip to Lovisa

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Yesterday we decided to visit the little coastal town Lovisa with my parents. It’s one of those charming, slow-paced and very instagrammable little Finnish towns with old wooden houses in the prettiest colours. There are only around 15 000 inhabitants, so it’s even smaller than my home town Porvoo with just over 50 000 people. 

Unfortunately Matthew forgot to bring the camera battery, so all the photos are taken with our phones. There are many photos, so keep scrolling!

Lovisa cathedral is the first thing you see when you drive into town.

Some photographic evidence that I can drive although I never drove during my 6,5 years in the UK!

We left before my parents and decided to pop into a big flea market called Loviisan Suurkirppis.

It was a really good flea market and I came away with two dresses for myself and a new skirt for Lana. This bomber jacket was nice too but just a bit too small. Ignore my weird face!

We then met up with my mum and dad at a new vegan restaurant called Bella Loviisa. Ironically this place used to be a steak restaurant before!

They do a lunch buffet, so that’s what we all had. It was tasty, home cooked plant based food with soup, two mains and two desserts. I wasn’t hungry when we left!

Maya gets so excited to be able to sit at the table with everyone else. I have a feeling it won’t be long before she eats more than Lana!

After lunch we popped into the pretty Mias second hand shop.

It’s such a nice space with second hand clothes for kids and women and some new wooden toys. You’ll always find some Marimekko clothes here.

A trip to Lovisa isn’t complete without some coffee and cake, so we headed to Vaherkylä bakery.

Nothing vegan here I’m afraid…Very difficult to choose!

When there are no highchairs you have to improvise…So we put Maya in the toy basket. Lana’s top makes me think of salty liquorice every time she wears it 😛

A wee post-cake walk was in place, so we walked down towards the sea. Or well, Lana made sure my mum got some running practise.

Lovely old wooden houses!

It was double denim day – probably a first for me! Somehow I managed to get a stain on my skirt, but I’m pretty sure it was Lana’s fault…

We always end up in this play park somehow. I said to Matthew that that’s the kind of house we might manage to build ourselves…

It was pretty cool inside too. We will definitely have less sand in our house though…Doesn’t Lana look so grown up in this photo btw?!

A year ago I was sitting on this bench with Maya in my belly. Had she been awake I would’ve tried to recreate the photo with her in it – but in the meantime Matthew took a rare photo of me and my parents.

Lana refused to leave the park, so Matthew stayed with her and we walked over to the old storehouses similar to the ones in Porvoo. These houses now house restaurants, shops and museums.

These baskets were gorgeous (maybe Moroccan?) but at €120 a pop we just admired them from afar.

One thing you’ll always find in Finnish tourist shops and markets are hand made woollen socks. It’s obligatory to have at least 3 pairs if you live in Finland and most grannies would knit them.

A short walk away was the supercute Krinti Lifestyle Shop with lots and lots of treasures.

This year they sell sample pieces by Samsoe & Samsoe, Makia Clothing and Fred Perry. I just had to buy a top by Danish Samsoe&Samsoe…

Lana made friends with Ylppö, the owner’s dog. Ylppö wasn’t too keen on making new friends even though Lana tried really hard. It’s funny how Lana can be really scared of tiny dogs if they try to jump on her but has no problem with big dogs if they are chilled and aren’t too playful.

Oh almost forgot about about this Fennel & Peppermint vegan deodorant cream by Helsinki-based Kaurilan Sauna that I also bought in Krinti. I stopped using deodorant a year or two ago as I wanted to reduce the amount of chemicals I was using, and  not being a big sweater meant it was an easy thing for me to leave out. But breastfeeding and the warmer weather here in Finland means I would occasionally want something to put under my smelly armpits! I’ve only used the deocreme once, but so far it’s done it’s job well – and the smell is wonderful.

I had a look at Kaurilan Sauna website and it looks amazing. They offer public and private traditional wood heated saunas in an authentic 19th century sauna building in the heart of Helsinki as well as ecological beauty products, candles and sauna linen. Very classy, trendy and traditional at the same time. I definitely want to try their shampoo bars too! And the sea salt soap bars for Lana’s and Maya’s dry skin.

x Nina x