3 Months Later…

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Well hello there, it’s been a while! Three months to be precise! But I’m back and I never actually intended to stop blogging, a break just sort of happened. These past three months have held some big changes within them and it’s been pretty hectic at times – leaving not much time nor energy to blog.

The new house!

The biggest change is definitely that we have moved. To a big detached house. In the countryside. In my old home town I swore never to move back to when I left at the age of 19…Haha. But times and priorities change and I really appreciate all our little town has to offer now and don’t think it’s boring at all haha. And since we live in a different area from where I grew up, an area I don’t really know, it doesn’t feel like going back to my roots. That much.

Exploring the field on a misty evening.
A gorgeous misty sunset that for once looked just as good in my photos as in real life!
The sunset was so pretty I went out in my bath robe to capture it – which is totally fine when you live in the countryside haha!

Our terrace and back yard looks over on a field and forest surrounding it. There are no other houses on this side, which is nice and feels private. We only have one neighbour right next to us, an elderly man. We have seen plenty of deer and rabbits in the field behind our house, but lately we haven’t seen many. I hope it has something to do with the changing seasons or something, and not that we’re just such a loud bunch that they’ve left…If you’re a deer expert let me know!

Our new, COMFY, sofa. In love.
Our big, empty kitchen. I want to put in a big window where the table is as the kitchen needs more light.
The sun room where most of our plants live at the moment. Not quite sure what to do with this space yet…

The house itself is pretty big, almost four times as big as the flat we were staying in in Helsinki! It’s crazy how quickly we’ve gotten used to the extra space though, and how quickly it sort of becomes the norm. The kids enjoy running around the house and Matthew and I enjoy being able to escape each other when the other one gets too annoying haha! (Mainly me escaping Matthew, obviously.)

The girls took their bags and said they’re going to nursery. Maya without shoes haha.
Chilling in our new home town!

Another big change is that the girls have started nursery here in Porvoo, both in the same group even. So far it’s gone well, even though I’ve left Maya there crying for the past couple of weeks. But she’s recovered fairly quickly and the rest of the day has been fine – and when I go to get her she doesn’t want to leave. Lana hasn’t really had any issues adapting to the nursery, she knows the drill now having been in nursery in Helsinki for the past year. What really surprised me was that right from the start they’ve both slept without protest during nap time! Lana had some difficulties in her last nursery and Maya is used to napping in her own bed (in complete silence), but surprisingly there’s been no problems. They’ve also been eating well, and I hope it’s Maya’s turn for nursery to help her become less fussy when it comes to food…

Matthew really enjoys his job and we hope he can stay after his contract ends. Fingers crossed! He works bang in the centre of Helsinki, which means he has to sit on the bus for an hour – after first cycling to the bus stop…We’ve had some frosty mornings and he’s already complaining it’s too cold, so we will have to start thinking about getting another car. Which neither one of us wants to do – it’ll just make life so much easier. Luckily he can work from home, which he does one or two days per week.

Another beautiful sunset standing on my own land. Crazy to think that that land belongs to us!

And me? Well, I am busy getting started with job hunting, choosing paint for our walls and just looking after a big house and two energetic kids. So far Maya’s been at nursery for three days a week, six hours at a time, but I think she will start doing four days, just like Lana, soon. Three days, or 18 hours per week isn’t enough to get stuff done I’ve noticed…Funny how quickly time goes without the kids haha! Today I sat in front of my laptop working on my resume and applying for a job for five hours straight – and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at the time and realised I had to get the girls in ten minutes!

There you go, just a quick overall update of what’s been happening during the past three months! I’ll be back soon, promise.

x Nina x