30 Weeks Pregnant on Arthur’s Seat

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On Saturday I reached 30 weeks in my second pregnancy and it all feels a bit surreal to think that there will be four of us in just 10 weeks…Eeek! I haven’t even started thinking about what we need to prepare for the baby…Anyway, on Sunday we decided to do something outdoorsy as there was no rain in the forecast (for a change) – so we got on the bus, got some amazing cakes and other foods and headed to Holyrood Park for a picnic.

30 weeks pregnant

Luckily climbing a hill still feels fairly easy even though I have a massive bump in the way. (Yup, it’s that same stripy dress again haha..) I feel like I’m a lot bigger at this point than what I was with Lana, but not so sure anymore when I see photos from then… Here’s a photo from 30 weeks with Lana if you’re interested!

vegan bakewell tart

I went to the Herbivore Kitchen on Clerk Street that I spotted the day before to buy some vegan cakes – and OMG how nice they were! This bakewell tart was probably the best I’ve ever had!

vegan oreo brownie

And this oreo brownie was also heavenly – I couldn’t get over how good these cakes were, to the point where Matthew just told me to shut up haha. You need to go to this place even though you wouldn’t be vegan! (Pancakes looked amazing too!)

Lana loves being outside surrounded by nature and it’s so much easier to manage her in such surroundings compared to being somewhere on the street.

We came across St Anthony’s Chapel that was built no later than the early 15th century. So much history.

Lana is getting pretty keen on posing these days, which makes taking a photo of her so much easier!

We walked down to St Margaret’s Loch to see some birds, but didn’t stay long as there were too many big, scary swans getting too close. Lana didn’t seem to mind though.

We continued our walk towards Hemma and some refreshments in the form of virgin Marys and apple juice. Lana who never seems to need a rest got busy with the toys they have there whilst Matthew and I tried not to fall asleep.

I should’ve worn makeup…

After a wee rest we started walking up Canongate and popped into the Cocktail Festival area on Market Square. The live music instantly got Lana on the dance floor, showing off her moves (she just can’t help herself) whilst checking if people are looking and appreciating her talent haha. We need to take her to some dancing/music classes.

The atmosphere was so nice and both Matthew and I secretly wished we could’ve just stayed there, sampled all the different cocktails and listened to live music – but instead we had to try and convince a tired, stubborn toddler to walk to the bus, wait for the bus and sit on the bus….

An hour later we were home and managed to get Lana to bed at 8pm so we could get a takeaway from Slumdog – best takeaway in Edinburgh! She’s started climbing out of her cot bed recently, which means she escapes several times per night…Yesterday and today have been good though as she’s been pretty tired.

Tomorrow I’m taking Lana to the dentist for the first time ever. No idea how on earth they’re going to check her teeth, but I’m very interested to see how it goes!

x Nina x

PS. How good wasn’t the latest Game of Thrones episode?! I knew there was going to be love in the air…:)