30 Weeks Pregnant

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I’ve finally hit the magical 30-week mark in my pregnancy – now it is really starting to feel like there’s not much more to go! The baby is going through a real growth spurt, and so is my bump as you can see from the pictures below ( from 21, 25 and 30 weeks). 

I’ve stopped going to the gym as I started having continuous Braxton Hicks contractions last Sunday pretty much every time I got up and moved around. I tried to ignore them and go about my day as usual, but after the same thing continued on Monday at work I called my midwife who told me to call the triage (emergency line for pregnant women) who said that it’s probably just a sign of that I need to slow down a little bit and rest more. So now I’ve been trying to take it easy and let Matthew do more around the house…It seems to have done the trick, although I still have more contractions than before.

It feels like all our weekends nowadays are spent shopping for the baby, and so was yesterday. We ventured out to Mothercare and got e.g. a mattress for the cot bed, bedding and some clothes and other bits and pieces. As it was Black Friday weekend a lot of the stuff was on sale, which saved us quite a few bucks. Luckily we should now have all the big things, such as cot bed and mattress, pram and changing table – having a baby is so expensive!

Time to watch a film (if we could just find one we can agree on).

Have a good start to the week folks!

x Nina x