35 is the New 25 Right?

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I usually don’t like to make a fuss about my birthday, partly because I don’t like getting older and older and older…But this year, for some reason, I felt like I wanted to document my day, so that’s exactly what I did. My birthday held within it a lot of food and sweets, just the way I like it. We also visited a festival, which was right up my street…

I wish I could be one of those people who don’t care about getting older, but for the past 10 years or so I always find myself stressing about it come my birthday. I just feel younger than I look, I don’t get much wiser and I don’t like the word “adult”. A kid at Lana’s nursery asked me if I was an adult when I went to pick her up, and I really wanted to say no haha! Not sure where this aversion to what is just the natural course of life stems from. Maybe it’s because it’s something I can’t control in any way – and being a bit of a control freak when it comes to certain thing doesn’t help.

But, I want to be able to age gracefully and embrace every year and every wrinkle – and you know what? I think I’m finally (slowly) starting to feel less tense and down about my birthdays. With every year I feel more and more comfortable in my own skin and I’m learning to accept my shortcomings. I still don’t like the physical signs of ageing, but It’s a start!

Anyway, not quite sure what I’m trying to say here, so let’s just get started!

Matthew brought me cake and coffee in bed – and the most gorgeous flowers, which were exactly to my taste <3

He had also been to a really nice deli called Anton & Anton and picked out me things he thought I’d like, such as liquorice, kombucha, granola and ice cream. Spot on! (And yes, that liquorice jar is already empty…)

I had bought myself a few gifts as well – or well, used my birthday as an excuse to buy this serum I’ve been looking at for a while…It’s by a UK brand called Evolve Organic Beauty that I’ve heard a lot of good about. Check them out! That lovely plant is a birthday plant from my parents. Welcome to the family!

At last week’s wellbeing fair I went to I also picked up some products by local and natural skincare company Ekopharma. I’ve been eyeing their raspberry toner for a while and it was an easy decision when I saw the amazing offer they had on. Can’t wait to try these once my other products run out!

Matthew had booked a table for brunch at nearby Moko Market for 11am – and my parents drove from Porvoo to join us. I’ve only had lunch there before but I can recommend the brunch too!

The light in our flat is rubbish, so I saw my chance to get a photo of us girls. Lana wasn’t cooperating, but at least I’m happy with how my own face turned out haha. I can’t believe how dark Lana’s hair has gotten!

Lana developed a fever the day before my birthday, but since she seemed ok in the morning we decided to bring her as well. And the place was pretty much next door from where we live. After we got home from brunching she climbed up on our bed and slept for a few hours, so she was definitely ill. She’s been home from nursery today and won’t go tomorrow either. She hasn’t complained about any pains anywhere, she just sleeps more and is less energetic – which I don’t mind if I’m honest…

Maya on the other hand had tons of energy and ran around the store as much as she possibly could. She also collapsed into her bed when we got home!

My mum shopping for hipster glasses. She’s not going to like me posting this photo hihi…

“Look mamma! I am so strong”.

A few hours before I turned 35 and my wrinkles got twice as deep.

And whilst we were hanging around Moko it started snowing! The first snow of the year in Helsinki on my birthday 🙂 Lana immediately asked if we could go out and build a snowman haha.

Tried to capture the snowflakes on photo with little success.

We headed back to the flat where we left two sleeping girls with my parents. I wanted a photo for my Instagram and since it was my birthday Matthew just went along with it without complaining for once. You have to take advantage of your birthday as much as you can!

We got the tram to the Senate Square – and since I cannot walk past there without taking a photo we stopped for a short shoot. If you ask Matthew to pose that’s exactly what he’ll do…I’m so jealous of his new winter jacket btw! Although he does look a bit like Kenny from Southpark in it haha.

And me again! It was my birthday after all 🙂 We got a take away coffee and walked through Katajanokka area where my granny used to live – an area with beautiful architecture which needed to be posed next to. We then got into a discussion about whether the architecture in Helsinki or Edinburgh is more appealing. What do you think??

And finally we made it to….the Liquorice Festival! The perfect festival for a liquorice maniac like me. And on my birthday! Matthew was actually going to surprise me with some rock climbing, but that didn’t happen since he hurt his arm in a game of squash two days earlier. Needless to say I din’t mind stuffing my face with liquorice instead of breaking a sweat!

Matthew wasn’t as excited as me, but he did his fair share of tasting.

There was still a spot left in this workshop where they taught you to make liquorice roses and flowers, so I left a bored Matthew sitting on a bench and joined in. Now I know how to make a rose from sugar paste! Just what i wanted from my birthday.

I didn’t leave empty-handed; some delicious liquorice by Haupt Lakrits and Lakritsfabriken came with me – but I could’ve bought pretty much everything there.

Before heading back home we looked through a few shops to find me some birthday boots. I had Dr Martens on my mind but didn’t find the ones I liked. But I went and got them from another store the following day and I love them! I hope they will serve me for many years and since I haven’t bought new winter shoes in 4-5 years I try not to feel too guilty about buying them…

We got back to my dad fixing stuff around the house, my mum feeding Maya and Lana still sleeping. She woke up soon and seemed in good spirits. Then she had some milk and threw up on the bed. But she was fine and remembered the last time she threw up, so she just thought it was quite fascinating.

After cleaning my birthday puke we ordered some takeaway pizzas and ate more liquorice (!) whilst watching Making a Murderer 2. Not a bad birthday at all! I do look forward to a night out with the girls though! A night without sick kids and with some bubbles.

I guess it’s ok to be 35! Especially when you have a thoughtful husband, two beautiful little girls, parents who come all the way from Porvoo to babysit and lots of friends who wish you a happy birthday <3 And liquorice!

x Nina x