35 Weeks Pregnant

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It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog lately, which is mainly due to the third trimester tiredness setting in…The tiredness or fatigue correlates a lot with how I sleep during the night though, so as long as I have a good night’s sleep I’m not too bad! I do like to lie down for an “awake nap” (can’t really sleep with Lana around) once a day, but generally I guess I feel quite ok at 35 weeks.

The pain in my sciatic nerve is actually a lot better, so perhaps the baby was pressing on the nerve before and is now in a more comfy position. Last time I saw my midwife the baby was bum down, so I really really hope she’s turned around for my next appointment next week!

My heartburn is getting worse by the day, but as long as I stay away from dark chocolate and eating too late I can handle it. Need to try aloe vera as well to see if that would help more than Rennie. My new vegan diet I’ve been on for almost two months now has helped as well – at least I think so as the heartburn hasn’t been as bad as with Lana. Been meaning to blog about eating a plant based diet for weeks now…Soon!


My twin brother with wife and toddler just left this morning after having spent four days with us – the photos are from our day trip to Dalkeith Country Park. Will blog about their visit soon too!

Here’s a photo from when I was 35 weeks pregnant with Lana. I definitely look smaller – but just as tired!

35 weeks second child

I feel massive and my belly is really starting to get in the way now, and I often forget about how big I am (about 20 times per day) and try to bend down to pick something up only to realise I can’t reach it haha. On Saturday we’re attending a charity ball, so we’ll see how well I can manage some ceilidh dancing (and if I can find something to wear)…Thank god there’s only five weeks to go!

x Nina x

PS. My scottish baby box is due to arrive next week – looking forward to seeing what’s inside it! Will blog about it too 🙂