4 Days in Copenhagen

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Ok so Lana was well enough for us to leave her with Matthew’s parents last Monday and we could happily get on a plane to Copenhagen. We made it to Kastrup safely after a very relaxing flight of reading my new Murakami book undisturbed, woohoo! Get prepared for a mammoth of a blog post!


We took the train to the Central Station and were positively surprised that the train ride was just around 15 minutes long. We decided to walk to our hotel, Copenhagen Island, so we stepped out of the train station into the misty rain and overall greyness. Yes, this photo is clearly not from that day – or even taken by me for that matter!


I forgot to take photos of our room, but it looked more or less like this, without the sea view. Overall it was fresh, clean and functional. I wish we could’ve stayed in a nice boutique hotel right in the city centre, but this one did the job too – and without costing us a fortune.


There was a nice seafront restaurant that we didn’t try out as there was very little for me to choose from.


We both showered and then took the train to Norreport station and Torvehallerne for a bite to eat.


Torvehallerne are two or three indoor food markets with fresh produce and several different easy lunch options.


Matthew chose some smorrebrod.


And I had the best chia pot I’ve ever had!


I spotted these babies and just had to try one to see what’s inside. They’re called “potato cakes” but have no potato in them. There’s a thin layer of sponge and lots of whipped cream under a thick layer of marsipan. I love marsipan and sweets but this was too much even for me and I could only manage a few spoonfuls.


We left the cosiness of Torvehallerne for the wet outdoors jus when it was starting to get dark – this was between 4 and 5 pm.


We walked along Stroget, one of the longest pedestrian shopping streets in Europe and finally arrived at the store of my dreams that was recommended to me by a friend. Being in the process of decorating our new home this was just the right place for me – and totally wrong as we were flying with Easyjet and could barely bring anything on board 🙁


So I resorted to just looking and greedily touching as many objects as I could get my hands on.


It was torture and after 30 minutes of trying to find something that would fit in the bag and wouldn’t break the bank I gave up and started looking for Matthew who had quietly sneaked away to find somewhere to sit (as guys tend to do when out shopping with their wives (still can’t get used to that word!)).


And guess where I found him? He had found a little Finland corner full of Finnish design – guess he’s subconsciously missing my dear home country 😛


We left and continued walking in the dark. We came to a street (it was somewhere near Vestergade) with lots of cute vintage shops and found this little gem. I wish I could’ve tried some of them, but don’t think Matthew would’ve been to happy about that and the shop owner was the rudest and grumpiest man I’ve some across in a long time. He even swore after us when we left the store – I mean what the hell was his problem?!


We decided it was time for some drinks combined with some hygge (Danish term that can be translated to cosiness) and popped into a place called the Living Room. And it was just as cosy as one!


After a glass of white we were starving and just checked Tripadvisor for places nearby – and having only had a chia pot for lunch I was craving some carbs…So we went for Italian and pizzas at a place adequately called The Italian! Unfortunately I can’t recommend the pizzas, they were too thick and tasteless 🙁 But my Carlsberg beer was good 🙂


We were planning to go for more drinks but were pretty tired (and we knew there was a new episode of West World available to watch) so we walked back to the hotel – and had to stop to take some reflection photos of course.


The following morning Matthew left early for his conference nearby and I slept for a bit longer before getting up for my hotel breakfast. I sat there enjoying my book and just being able to sit down for almost an hour before it was time for myself to get my laptop and start working myself. I decided to stay in the hotel because I wasn’t feeling great and it was raining outside. Around 4pm I couldn’t ignore how I felt anymore and asked Matthew to pick up some painkillers on the way back. I rapidly felt worse and realised that I would have to cancel our dinner plans with an old friend who lives in Copenhagen 🙁 Matthew got back and I had to shed a few tears because of the unfairness of being ill. There was no way I was leaving bed having a temperature and all, so we ordered a takeaway and watched an episode of Black Mirror. Yay.


I prayed and hoped that I would feel a bit better the next morning, and miraculously I did! We had breakfast, I popped a couple of pills, had a shower and felt almost human – so we headed out to do some sightseeing. The first stop was the National Gallery of Denmark, and I was thrilled to get this reflection shot. Love reflections!


I might’ve possibly been even more impressed with these Stokke buggies than with the art if I’m honest. They’re there for people to borrow free of charge – well done Copenhagen.


One of the first paintings I was drawn to was actually one by the Finnish national painter, Albert Edelfelt, from my home town Porvoo where this piece is also from.


On the contemporary side we bumped into this disproportionate guy…When I see stuff like this in an art gallery I do have to remind myself of the fact that art is very subjective.


Four sculptures.


A weak moment where I just had to sit down and rest for a while – think it was the medication wearing off.


“The sick girl” – this painting expresses pretty well how I was feeling too!


A robot meeting.


We left the gallery after a couple of hours although you could’ve easily spent more time there. We just crossed the street and walked through the King’s Garden to…


…Rosenborg Castle – a renaissance castle built in 1606.


Some impressive lions guarding the castle entrance.


First I was pleased when I saw this image, thinking I look pretty slim – but then I realised that something weird is going on here and my torso has been elongated for some reason! Haha.


There was a beautiful rose garden next to the castle with a few roses still surviving the brisk autumn air.


Just one more photo of the castle….


And a last one from further away with some nice autumnal colours in the shot.


We continued our walk towards Nyhavn and had to stop to take a photo of these bicycles against that pastel blue wall.


We decided it was time for lunch and thought this wee suchi place called Green Sushi looked good.


And it was! This was only 99 DK (£12), which was relatively cheap considering how expensive everything was! I think it was a lot more expensive than Finland even, but perhaps the pound isn’t as strong at the moment…


I went for the vegan selection as I wasn’t feeling very fishy 😛


There was a bakery next door so naturally we had to try something, that something being a chocolate-filled, marzipan-covered “tree log”. Again I could only manage a little bit – a clear sign I wasn’t well!


Finally we made it to Nyhavn and these pretty colourful houses. Be prepared for a few photos of them…


nyhavnpier nyhavncopenhagen padlocksnyhavn

A lot of people had sealed their love with a padlock at the end of the canal – unfortunately we hadn’t prepared and brought one with us. Oh well, next time!


Next to the canal you’ll find Charlottenborg Palace that is now a contemporary art gallery. Managed to get a few more bikes in my photo!


I wanted to get to this tower called Rundetaarn before sunset so we hurried there.


And the view was totally worth it.


Another short walk along Stroget and we walked back to Norreport and got the train back to the hotel as I desperately needed to lie down.


I felt rubbish but somehow managed to join Matthew for dinner at the Meatpacking District near our hotel – a lively area full of cool restaurants and bars. We chose a place called BOB (BioMio Organic Bistro) where I had a lovely piece of cod and Matthew some braised beef. When we got back to the hotel around 9pm I pretty much collapsed in bed and felt the fever return. I couldn’t even brush my teeth because I was so cold.

The following morning I felt really shit, and so dizzy and weak I didn’t make it down for breakfast. We extended our check-out until 2pm so I could rest a bit more, and I gradually felt better to the point where I actually managed to leave the room and go to the airport.

So not the holiday we were expecting and I don’t feel we really connected with the city. But at least we managed to do some sightseeing and I actually got to rest without a little person demanding my constant attention! And I’ve actually been to Copenhagen twice before. Just bugs me that I didn’t get to meet up with my friend.

On Sunday morning Matthew woke up feeling terrible, so it’s his turn now. Let’s hope we won’t have to get ill anymore this winter!…

x Nina x