4 Little Cousins

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Believe it or not, but we managed to get 4 under 4-year olds to sit still on the sofa for at least 5 minutes so that we could snap a bunch of photos of their first get-together 🙂 Getting them all to look into the camera and to stay awake is a whole other thing though!


Max has clearly had too much milk…


Posing was all a bit too much for Lana, so she decided to take a little nap.


With the help of daddy we got a little smile out of Lana too! Having her eyes open was just too much to ask.


Who farted?!


I’m trying to entertain to get some smiles – worked on Antonio and Nicole at least.


Ok, think we’ve had enough now!


And no, we didn’t stage this – they actually grabbed each others’ hands all on their own! Cuties.


I’m still recovering from my cold, but just had to get out a little for a bite to eat anyway – it was such a sunny day in Edinburgh today!

Have a good Saturday evening y’all!

x Nina x