4 Months Old

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It has hit both Matthew and I how much Lana has grown all of a sudden – for a long time I thought she looked pretty much the same, but now she’s starting to look more and more like a little girl. The past few weeks have been very exciting as Lana has started rolling over, grabbing and mouthing things, sitting up with support and showing even more interest in her surroundings and intensely observing the people around her.


I’ve signed up to a few weekly emails that let me know what we can expect in terms of Lana’s development, and based on them it’s clear that she’s early when it comes to many things. She’s often a month ahead (if not two) for many of the milestones – a good reminder of just how individual a baby’s development is!


Lana is such a happy baby (although I guess most babies are quite smiley) who you can always count on to get a smile from – no matter if you’re a stranger or not. Will be interesting to see if she gets any stranger anxiety at some point though…


Lana’s new glasses. She didn’t even try to pull them off, in fact she didn’t seem to notice she was wearing them 🙂


She doesn’t stay on her back for long when you put her down, but she gets a bit frustrated when she can’t move forward yet – which I can totally understand.


It’s never too soon to start reading up on things. (Very interesting book by the way!) Lana isn’t too keen on lying down anymore – she’s constantly trying to pull herself up from a lying position, also when she’s in her cot, pram or on her changing mat. We really need to keep an eye on her now as she’s constantly on the move nowadays!


Lana’s also gotten pretty good at climbing.



Those ears are definitely daddy’s! Little elf ears

I’ve finally gotten Lana’s birth certificate legalised, so now I can register her birth in Finland too, yay.

My broken wrist is more or less pain free now even though I’ve already cut down on the pain killers. Think I’m going to stop taking them altogether tomorrow and see what happens. I’m lifting Lana with my good arm, but it’s not easy to scoop her up from the floor…So Matthew is still needed around the house. On Thursday I have an appointment with the fracture clinic, so hopefully I’ll know more about how much I can use my hand and whether I can fly to Finland on my own with Lana. Fingers crossed!

x Nina x