4 Weeks Old Lana vs Maya

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When Lana was 4 weeks old I took some photos of her and wrote this blog post – so now that Maya is 4 weeks old too I naturally want to do the same, so that I can compare! It was funny reading the blog post as I could pretty much just copy and paste most of it – that’s how similar my girls have been in their 4 first weeks.

Baby Maya is also very keen to be held all the time, and just as with Lana I’m once again surprised by how little time you have to get things done when you have a baby who doesn’t want to be anywhere but in your lap. Maya’s slept 5 hours straight at night on a few occasions and I’ve been saying to people that Lana never did that – but apparently she did as I’ve written that in my post!

A couple of nights ago Maya slept from midnight until 9am only waking up once at 5am, but I know from experience not to get my hopes up. Usually she sleeps 3-4 hours in a go, which is pretty good that too!

I think Maya has a bit of a cold as she sounds quite mucusy and has brought up some too. She’s been a it unsettled during the day for the past few days and I hope that is the reason for that and not reflux. Just like Lana did, Maya also brings up a lot of milk – I think the fact that Maya is a fast feeder and I have a lot of milk might partly be the reason for this.

So far I’ve only taken Maya out in the sling, but need to try the pram soon. Although I have a feeling that, just like her big sister, she won’t enjoy the ride. Fingers crossed she does as my boss lent me a double buggy for when Maya gets too heavy to carry and for when I don’t want to be restricted to the sling.

I’ve been sitting holding Maya and writing this with one hand – and I just tried to put her in her moses basket, which instantly woke her up and made her cry…Just gotta keep trying I guess!

And here is Lana at 4 weeks! She actually had darker hair than I remembered…The eyes are definitely different, but I think there’s a lot of the same too, such as the lips, chin and the nose.

And obviously that they’re both the cutest little girls in the world!! (To me!)

x Nina x

PS. Still haven’t figured out what keeps making my images so dull and grey…