4 Weeks Old Today!

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4 week old baby smiling

With four whole weeks of mumhood behind me today, I can honestly say that it’s been amazing and actually even easier than I expected! (I might have to eat my words on this one further on though…) We’ve been keeping a close eye on Lana’s development, and I can’t describe how rewarding it is to see her starting to smile and laugh – and today I even managed to snap a few photos 🙂

Being a mother is somehow so natural, although I do have to pinch myself sometimes to remind me that I now have a little baby girl 🙂 In the beginning I also referred to myself as “Nina” instead of “mum” a few times when talking to Lana – but now I’m getting used to saying “mamma” (Swedish for mum).

Having someone who needs your constant attention and care has naturally taken some time to get used to. I didn’t quite expect there to be so little “free time”, but I guess it depends on the baby. Lana feeds often and likes being held (I think they call it a “velcro” baby), so it can be hard to get anything done – but I’m sure this will change when she gets older. In fact, I’ve already noticed that she’s happy spending more than two minutes on her playmat 🙂 She still doesn’t like the bouncer though.


During these four weeks I’ve developed a new kind of respect for single parents, as I don’t know how I would’ve coped on my own with a newborn! When I say it’s been easier than I thought, I think it’s because we’re such a good team (Matthew and I that is) and we support each other. For example, when she’s crying we take turns holding her so that the other one doesn’t get too exhausted. I’m also a bad sleeper and wake up several times at night even without a baby, which makes the nightly feedings easier for me I guess. I’m also lucky in the sense that I don’t need that much sleep to be able to function the following day.


I think Lana’s got a bit of wind, which makes her uncomfortable and might be the cause of her occasional bouts of screaming. Luckily she doesn’t go on for hours and she sleeps quite well at night. She doesn’t feed for long but she feeds quite frequently – every two hours or so during the night as well. But she usually just feeds for 10 minutes, then I hold and burp her for another 10 minutes and then I just put her down in her basket and she continues sleeping happily. Last night she slept almost 5 whole hours in a row, which is the longest she’s ever slept in one go. I really hope she’ll make a habit out of it!

Apart from the wind issue, Lana is a happy and relatively easy baby (obviously I can’t compare to previous children or similar, but the fact that I’ve found these four weeks quite easy should speak for itself). I’ve given her Infacol for a week or so, and it definitely makes her burps bigger, but other than that I haven’t really noticed a difference. My mum sent me some probiotic drops from Finland that I’ve started giving her and I hope will relieve her discomfort. She also sent a Finnish alternative to Infacol that I’m about to start using – you only need to give two drops every six hours instead of 0,5 ml before every feed. Plus Lana doesn’t like the taste of Infacol at all.


We started going out with her during the second week and the following week when Matthew went back to work I started venturing out with her on my own – although I’m still terrified that she’ll start screaming…which has happened a couple of times and resulted in me having to carry her whilst trying to talk soothingly and push the pram with my free hand…Not fun!


We’ve made friends with the other parents at our antenatal class, so it’s great to have a network of other mummies in the area – I look forward to spending time with them and comparing babies and experiences once we all get used to our newborns!

During the first two weeks we didn’t have too many visitors, mainly Matthew’s family, but now we have a steady flow of people bringing and sending Lana the most beautiful gifts – a big thank you to everyone! Can’t wait to show her off to everyone in Finland too – only 3 weeks to go before Lana will experience her first flight 🙂

Hope you’re all having a good Monday, I’m going to try and have a shower (can’t remember when I last washed my hair…)

x Nina x