5 Fun & Visual Family Instagram Accounts

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I am a very visual person with a love for aesthetics. I want my home to look presentable, I want my plate of food to look colourful and inviting, I love a bit of sleek design and I am drawn to cute-looking shops – I just adore pretty things in life. Instagram is by far my favourite social media platform because it can be a treasure chest where you can find the most gorgeous photos if you start digging.

The art of Instagram is not just about posting a pretty picture but also about the feed being coherent and the photos working well together. Many people think it’s cheating to use filters and editing programmes/apps, but I think it’s fun and something that takes some skill. I wish my own account was as creative as the five below! 

So, I got lost surfing Instagram the other night and came across some brilliant profiles I thought would be fun to share with you guys. They’ve inspired me to try and stage my own mini photo shoots using poor Maya – the first one can be seen above! I just got some cotton wool, made a heart and chucked Maya on the bed haha. I edited the photos on my phone in Snapseed and VSCO – not exactly art, but it was fun! I already know what I want to try next…

Anyway, here are 5 Instagram profiles with many clever ideas.

1. @happygreylucky

This Canadian family is all about fun family life. A recurring theme are these #familyonchairs photos of the family in matching outfits that I think are so cute. Once Maya and Lana are a bit older I’d love to try something like this too. Wonder where they shop though?!

2. @sienna.and.i

There’s a lot happening when this little girl sleeps. Her mother creates the cutest scenarios on her bed – such a simple idea yet so clever. #mymagicmattress is the hashtag she uses and you can see why. There are a lot of books featured as well, which I love.

3. @pluswonderland

#wonderlandflowerwalls is the hashtag this Italian mama uses – and it’s pretty clear where that comes from looking at the photo. Not sure if the flowers are Photoshopped or not – if not I want some! Lots of flowers featured overall on this profile.

4. @allthatisshe

A recurring theme on this account is what you see above; a mum with her two daughters in different scenarios. Lots of fun yet stylish photos with a hint of Photoshop. Also landscapes made with food. Take a look!

5. @the_life_of_aivax

This is the most dreamy and poetic account of the five – featuring a wooden magic floor, three beautiful children and a cute teddy. And a fair bit of Photoshop! This is where I got (stole) the idea for my cotton wool heart.

Make sure you click through to see more photos and maybe get inspired as well! I do wonder how some of the photos are made and how long it takes to create them…And how the hell they get the kids to co-operate so well?! I will most definitely try and force Land and Maya into some weird scenarios, but doubt I’ll be as successful as these five mums.

x Nina x