5 Things that Make Me Happy this Week

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Can’t believe I’m here, blogging again! 3 posts in 4 days must be some kind f a record of mine. But hey, when I feel inspired to blog I just want to go with it – cause there will be plenty of times I won’t feel like sharing anything. Thankfully I don’t answer to anybody and can choose to blog whenever and whatever I want!

Here are five things I am (extra) grateful for this week!

1. It’s been a long and rocky road but Matthew finally got his driving license after passing both his theoretical and practical tests on the first attempt! #proud. Now we just need a car so we can start spending our weekends exploring Scotland and hopefully vlogging as we go – so excited!!

2. After many emails and calls I can finally start using my new phone aka Matthew’s old phone. The camera is a million times better and the screen a billion times bigger – I even got a new shiny case for my wee baby.

3. I went for a run yesterday and was again amazed by how easy it feels! I thought I was going to be running with the taste of blood in my mouth not having exercised properly for a year, but no – it feels like I never stopped. It is also so, so nice to have some me-time and listen to music and let my thoughts fly. I had forgotten that I had added No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” to my playlist – but oh my was I happy to hear this oldie again!

4. I didn’t realise there were so many playgroups nearby, but after reading a post in the Edinburgh Gossip Girls Facebook group I’ve now taken Lana and Maya to 2 different weekly groups that have both been really nice. It’s so much easier going somewhere local with two small kids – the only downside is that they start at 10am in the morning…But on the other hand it’s good to get our asses out of the house and start the day a bit earlier.

5. Having children brings so much joy to every day.There’s just nothing better than waking up to a smiling and babbling baby and to an affectionate 3-year old giving her baby sister morning cuddles. Maya is doing so well and over the past week I’ve noticed how she’s starting to try and grab things intentionally. She’s also rolled over from tummy to back and it won’t be long before she does it the other way around too – soon she’ll be running around with her big sister.

For the past weeks or even longer Maya is constantly putting her hands or whatever she can get a hold of in her mouth – as you can see from the photos! The past few days and nights she’s had crying attacks where it seems like she’s in terrible pain – something she usually doesn’t get and I hope is just down to teething. I’ve become so spoilt with her sleeping so well during the night that I feel shattered today having had to wake up a few more times than usual last night. Please let it just be something that’ll pass soon!

Still so many things to be grateful for!

x Nina x