5 Vegan Foods I’m Excited About

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After watching a documentary called “Cowspiracy” (watch it and it might change your life too!) a few months ago I’ve been trying to eat less dairy and cook more vegan food. For a vegetarian who doesn’t really like fish and who’s been avoiding eggs due to Lana’s allergy, veganism isn’t really that huge a leap from where I was before.

I’ve been thinking about whether I could be 100% vegan, but have come to the conclusion that it would make things too complicated at the moment. So instead I’ll just cut out dairy where I can and make more vegan-friendly choices. Doing so I’ve come across some interesting products – the supermarkets are full of foods I’ve never tried!


1. Oatmilk

I’ve tried almond and soy milk, but oat milk is my favourite substitute for cow’s milk. I can’t bring myself to drink any of these vegan milks as they are, but I usually make my porridge using oat milk. Oat milk contains 10 minerals and 15 vitamins, more calcium and twice as much vitamin A as cow’s milk as well as quite a bit of iron and no cholesterol! I like the packaging too, and the fact that it’s a Swedish product 🙂



2. Pure Vegan Spread

I was pleased to notice that even our smallish downstairs supermarket now stocks this vegan spread. It tastes like any other spread, but it’s free from dairy products, soya, gluten, GM ingredients, hydrogenated oils, artificial additives and emulsifiers. And the price is more or less the same as the non-vegan alternatives – which means there really isn’t a reason not to buy it. (The butter vs margarine discussion is another topic though…)


3. Aloe Refresh Drink

Another interesting product I’ve discovered is this refreshing Aloe Vera drink. My mum swears by freshly pressed aloe vera juice that she has every day (it’s supposed to be good for the digestion and immune system), but having tried it I can say that it’s not the most palatable thing…This drink, however, tastes very nice and even has bits of aloe vera in it. It does contain sugar though, which is a minus – but guess it wouldn’t taste too nice without it!


4. Nutritional Yeast Flakes

I came across nutritional yeast flakes when I decided to make vegan cauliflower and cheese (that turned out pretty well!) After a bit of a search I finally found some in Real Foods, and although it looks like fish food it’s not too bad. Nutritional yeast is sourced from whey, blackstrap molasses or wood pulp and contains loads of vitamins, minerals and protein. I’ve also added it to sauces and sprinkled it on foods, so it’s quite a versatile product.

pulled oats

5. Pulled Oats

This is a new vegan invention from Finland called pulled oats – made from Nordic oats and broad beans. It looks like pulled pork and apparently tastes a bit like chicken…Can’t wait to try this when I go to Finland next time – will report back!

Have you tried any of these foods? If so, what did you think?

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