6 Less Known Finnish Kids Clothing Brands

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A while back I wrote a blog about 8 cool and ethical Finnish children’s’ clothing brands – and since this post is one of my most read ones and now number one in Google searches I thought I’d write another one where I include some of the less known brands I like as well! And this way spread the word about Finnish craftsmanship and maybe even inspire someone to invest in quality over quantity 🙂 

The reason I want to buy locally designed and/or made clothes is because they are often of much better quality, the ecological footprint is smaller, I know where and how the clothes have been made and I am supporting small Finnish businesses. Not to mention I like the designs and the prints of many of them. But let’s get down to business and take a look at some smaller Finnish clothing brands which I either have good experiences from or just like the look of!


Luppaset kids clothing brand

This is a new, playful yet classy, Finnish clothing brand with clothes for both children and women and designed and made in Kuopio, Finland. At the moment I am actually a brand ambassador for Luppaset, so if this looks familiar it’s maybe because you’ve seen photos on my Instagram of me wearing their dresses. I can tell you that the quality is amazing! The collection is very coherent and there are bunnies, bears and superheroes to be found in the form of fun details – and the clothes come in beautiful colours too.

Bunny Dress 55€




taival clothing

A new brand launched in 2017 with sustainable values, comfortable streetwear-inspired clothes and dynamic prints. All clothes are made in small batches from Oeko-Tex- and GOTS-certified cotton in a small shop in Estonia or a Finnish-owned factory in Portugal. Most of the cotton is also organic and most of Taival clothes are designed to be double sized with details such as foldable cuffs. I love the Mystic-print, which I had to buy for Lana, and I look forward to seeing more from these guys! PS. “Taival” means “journey” in Finnish.

Mystic College 38€




jännä kids clothes

“Jännä” means “exciting” and is a word that I think describes this small brand with its fun and unique details, delicious colours and interesting cuts very well. Both fabrics and clothes are made in Finland and only in small batches to avoid producing items that won’t be sold or used. This gorgeous hand-dyed dress has been designed so that it first will serve as an oversized dress and later as a tunic when the child grows.

Eklipsi Dress 55€




This is a brand I came across only recently, and although not all pieces are to my liking I love how cool and characterful the clothes and brand are. It’s a unisex brand made with sustainable materials, wild prints and a touch of hippie – their autumn/winter collection is called “hippie ever after”. It says on their website that the brand “plays with the allusions of high fashion and has a strong reference on workwear and 90s skateboarders”. Will be interesting to see what they come up with next.

Marius Sweatshirt Zebra 47€




valkama head wrap

Another very small brand with clothes and accessories made entirely in Finland and with only small batches and limited edition collections. Valkama’s star product is definitely the head wrap – something many Finnish mothers are crazy about. I like them too but Maya would never agree to wear one! Valkama also sells merino wool accessories, knee socks and other head accessories.

Head Wrap 27€




blaa kids clothes

Definitely the biggest brand of the bunch, Blaa is all about durable and comfortable clothes kids want to wear. They also do accessories, clothes for adults, nursing wear and merino wool overalls – such as the one in the photo (love it!). The GOTS-certified cotton used is organic and mainly from Turkey – and made in a factory in Portugal owned by Finns. I wonder if it’s the same factory as Taival?! Playful, colourful (but not too colourful!) prints and nice designs is what you’ll find on their website. (Some of the prints in the current collection actually remind me of Swedish Mini Rodini.)

Mulesing-free merino wool overall 80 €




So what do you think? I’d love to know which one is your favourite!

x Nina x